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Risu Murasaki

Risu Murasaki (also known as AmbyRisu and occasionally Ambeebear or Drelwin; born April 26, 1982)[1] is a Canadian furry artist who resides in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.[1] Her fursona is a purple and blue flying squirrel.[2]

Risu posts artwork on Fur Affinity and co-hosts the iFurry webshow.

Fursona characteristics[edit]

Risu is 5'1" with a curvy figure. She is exceptionally "busty" and enjoys being drawn so. She appears to be perpetually in her early 20's.

Risu has purple fur covering herself except for a light blue stripe from the bottom of her tail, up over her belly, and ending under her chin. Her hair is turquoise, although it can be dyed different colours, and she usually wears it shoulder-length. Her nose is pink and closer to heart-shaped than triangular.

She has an acorn tattoo on her right butt cheek that is often not pictured. She also has an acorn-shaped naval piercing. She wears both glasses and goggles, although the goggles are atop her head. She also wears a connector bolt on a piece of black string around her neck, which signifies the connection of true friends.

Risu has special soft spot for other squirrels as well as dragons. She also enjoys cowboys as she fancies herself a bit of a cowgirl. Her hobbies include steampunk, geocaching, eating acorns, climbing trees, doing magic, traveling through time, dressing up, and anything involving sugar and/or fun.

Cons Attended[edit]


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