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Rioaka, also known as Daphnalorit (born 1980) is a Michigan furry whose fursona is a panda.

He has used IMVU under the username "Rioaka" since June 1, 2006. Rio is dating fellow furry artist Ukent.[citation needed]

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He once moved to Georgia to be with his now ex mate. After the five year relationship ended, Rioaka was created as a way to start a new begining. No longer using the former cat fur(Daphnalorit) Rio started making friends at the Tails of the underground. Meeting Red monkey, they soon started dating and stayed a couple for eight months. Soon after Red and Rio started dating, he moved back with his family in michigan for financial reasons. Once Red and Rio were split up, Rio met Ukent and fell head over heels for him. As of today, they have had an imvu wedding to celebrate their love.