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Rio, drawn by Crowchild in 2006 for High Tail Hall 2

Rio (also known as Rio Davis) is a wolf/fox character created by Crowchild in 2006. She is a model and a porn star.

She is one of the main characters set to appear in the sequel to High Tail Hall as well as an adult DVD in mid/late 2007. Her character is being voiced by Tyvara Panther in both projects.

She was first shown in 2006 as a small female cat on the Yiffstar message boards, but was later changed to female wolf.


Rio is half fox, half wolf, making her a folf. She is 5'10. She has light brown fur with darker paws and ear-tips. She has green eyes and her hair is naturally black but she frequently dyes it to more outrageous colors like purple.She wears a Purple Bikini.Unlike all girls in the game,Rio is one of a few characters with the highest bust,followed by Gianna,Zoe and Rose.


Rio is in her early twenties. She was born and raised on Long Island before relocating to Manhattan to start a modeling career. Rio is bisexual, having had relationships with both males and females since her early teens. She is very affectionate but she tries to avoid serious relationships. She has a younger sister named Tara Davis and is the daughter of Paul and Fran Davis.