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Ringtail Cafe is an action and adventure comic based around a cast of anthropomorphic animals and is loosely considered to be within the "spy" genre.


Ringtail Cafe is centered around the lives of the members of the Northwest branch of a secret organization (referred to simply as "The Organization"). The purpose of this group is unknown, but it consists entirely of members of various ringtailed species (i.e. raccoons, ringtails, etc). The base of operations for the Northwest Branch is centered beneath the coffee shop they use as a cover for their activities; the shop itself is known as "The Ringtail Cafe". Oftentimes the members of the organization will come up against other groups whose goals are conflicting, such as the League of Villainous Evil, a collection of largely minor villains. They also sometimes have altercations with the government.


Organization members[edit]

Jaime: Jaime is one of the leaders of the Northwest branch of The Organization. He is a Cacomistle and is known both for his combat skills and his many short lived relationships. His fur is a dark reddish colour with his long hair a more grey/buff shade. Most of the spots on his fur have been dyed purple and blue, and he has streaks of the colours in his hair.

Wanda Derry: Wanda is a Maine Coon Cat and a very important staff member. She oversees everything, and is very good at utilizing the skills of those beneath her. She often comes across as vaguely harried and is self conscious of her appearance because she was quite a beauty in her youth and is now in her mid-thirties.

Adam Imada: Adam is a Raccoon recruited into the Organization after a heroic rescue got the attention of the higher ups. He's quick, agile, and smart, but also a bit naive.

Patrick: Patrick is a Ring-tailed lemur and is often seen working the counter at the Ringtail Cafe. He is a music student and a member of The Organization, although he hasn't been particularly successful at either.

Jive and Lori Li: The Li siblings are both Asian Linsangs. Their parents relocated when they were both very young and while Jive is very interested in the country of their origin, Lori is not. Lori is a member of The Organization and a successful model, while her younger brother Jive is eager to join as soon as they'll accept him.

League members[edit]

Leila: This Giant Panda is a member of the League of Villainous Evil. She is easily recognizable because of the fact that she has only one black eye patch instead of having them over both eyes. She runs one of the local segments of the League. but is obviously aiming her sights at a higher position.


  • Ringtail Cafe originated as an unfinished three page comic centered around a character referred to as "Jynx". Later the character became a relatively minor member of the cast.

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