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Riley Winters, also known as Horsefur, is a fursuiter and DJ from Colorado, USA, who lives in Denver.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Despite joining the furry fandom in 2013, Riley was not involved in any websites or groups until March 2014.

In late-2015, Riley joined the Colorado Furries Telegram group where he became active in the Colorado furry community, frequently attending fur meets in Colorado. Riley's first meet was Arvada Tails in January 2017; since then Riley has attended dozens of meets across Colorado and the state.

Riley became an administrator for the Colorado Furries group on February 11, 2017, [1] and an administrator for the Pennsylvania Furry group on July 12, 2017. Riley moved to Pennsylvania later in July 2017 and attended Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend later that year, his first furry convention.


Riley's fursona is a mountain lion with an orange stripe on his tail. Riley has heterochromia eyes, one green, and one blue. Riley's fursonas have diamonds on his ankles.

Reditt's r/Place[edit]

  • 2017 - On April 1, 2017, Riley had his fursona placed on the Reddit April Fools' Day project, /r/place.[2] The original text under Riley's face had said "FURRY HORSEFUR" before being vandalized in the final moments of /r/place.
  • 2022 - In April 2022, Reddit relaunched /r/place, and Riley once again worked to have his fursona placed on the final canvas. Riley teamed up with Nepal to have his head and name displayed in the final canvas. Due to the difference in timezone, Nepal was able to watch over Riley's art while Riley slept and vice-versa. Unlike 2017, Riley accomplished having his name and fursona on place without vandalism.[3]
Riley was also able to have art of his fursona showcased on the final 2022 place canvas next to Quackity.[4]


Riley commissioned and received his first fursuit in November 2014, made by iCrescendo. Riley retired this fursuit in 2019 after commissioning a second fursuit from KaraStereoX. Riley refurbished this fursuit in 2020 and debuted it an DenFur in 2021.

In 2022, Riley commissioned a 3.0 fursuit by Twisted Leopard. The new fursuit was completed in 2023. The partial debuted at Indyfurcon 2023 and the fullsuit debuted at Biggest Little Furcon 2023.

Convention attendance[edit]

(*) DJ


Riley (also known as DJ WinterLion and DJ Riley WinterLion) has performed at multiple cons as a DJ. His sets focus on a pop evolution style that showcases every decade from the 1980s to the 2020s in a danceable and nostalgic way.

  • 2018 - Riley found his desire to learn how to DJ while attending Anthrocon 2018 after accidentally venturing into the Spirit of Pittsburgh Ballroom while Firr was performing a set. Hearing this set influenced Riley to begin learning how to DJ.
  • 2021 - Riley performed his first public set at a house party in Arvada, Colorado, in June 2021.
  • 2022 - In August 2022, Riley performed his first large event at Foxtrot in Denver, Colorado.
  • 2023 - In April 2023, Riley performed for a second time at Foxtrot. Later in 2023, Riley was accepted to DJ at Anthrocon 2023 as the Friday night opener. In August, Riley performed at CanFURence 2023 then performed at IndyFurCon 2023 and Furrydelphia 2023 in back-to-back nights. In September, Riley performed at Furry Migration 2023 and Megaplex 2023.


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