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One of Rick's avatars
Another picture of him

Rick Whitechest or Richard Rowel Von Whitechest Delawere (also known as Rick or Wolfen, tends to omit the Von part of his last name, born on July 23, 1994) is a gray wolf. He lives in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. He joined the fandom in September 2008. Goes by the username Wolfenpilot687 in many sites.

About his fursona[edit]

In fictional story, Rick was born on London, England in 1990. His parents Arthur Von Whitechest Bane and Brandine Delawere Jaurie died on 2000 by mysterious reasons. He lived in a orphanage until the age of 14 when he escaped to Phoenix, Arizona and then to Mexico where he lives currently. He's now 17.

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