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Richard Nightfox is a German red fox salesman (Black-Paw Productions) and fursuiter, the fursuit character being a fox of course. He is the lighting engineer for Eurofurence's stage events. Nightfox is best known for his legendary parties.

When he's not touring the U.S. West coast with a 32 ft RV or driving with his Jeep through the Ruhr Basin, Nightfox is working for a German liqueur manufacturer which coincidentally has two furry mascots.


Nightfox' fursona is a red fox, often seen with a long black coat.

Furdom activity[edit]

Richard Nightfox is the vice-chairman of Eurofurence and also acts as the location relations manager and stage and lighting manager. In addition, Richard is a salesfox, distributing furry magazines, comics, books, videos, etc. in Germany through the Black-Paw Productions shop, usually at conventions but also online.

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