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Richard Nightfox is a German red fox salesman (Black-Paw Productions) and fursuiter, the fursuit character being a fox of course. He is the lighting engineer for Eurofurence's stage events. Nightfox is best known for his legendary parties. He is married to TaniDaReal.

When he's not touring the U.S. West coast with a 32 ft RV or driving with his Jeep through the Ruhr Basin, Nightfox is working for a German liqueur manufacturer which coincidentally has two furry mascots.


Nightfox' fursona is a red fox, often seen with a long black coat.

Furdom activity[edit]

Richard Nightfox is the vice-chairman of Eurofurence and also acts as the location relations manager and stage and lighting manager. In addition, Richard is a salesfox, distributing furry magazines, comics, books, videos, etc. in Germany through the Black-Paw Productions shop, usually at conventions but also online.

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