Rapid T. Rabbit

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Rapid T. Rabbit

Rapid Transit Rabbit (most commonly known as Rapid T. Rabbit) is the the leading character in the Rapid T. Rabbit and Friends cable television show, as well as the fursona of its creator, Richard James Concepcion (born 1957), a puppeteer who is located in New York.

Rapid T. Rabbit was interviewed on The Daily Show in 1999. He also has been interviewed for an article on mascots in SPY Magazine in 1990, on the Channel 4 UK program Americana in 1994 and the Canadian documentary film Behind The Mascot in 2003, as well as the 2009 short documentary A Tail of Identity. He also was seen at the White House Easter Egg Roll on NBC's The Today Show. He was a guest of honor at Midwest FurFest 2000, and has appeared at Anthrocon in Philadelphia and FurAffinity United in Newark NJ.

Rapid T. has a love of carousels, and in May, 2010, began writing Riding With The Rabbit, a monthly column in the Carousel News & Trader magazine.[1]


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