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Sai in Ribbon.

Ribbon was planned and created by Saikorebon in the year 2000, using just pencil and paper. Ribbon is a half furry comic series which features the protagonists Laka and Ram, two human teenagers living in the city of Para-Para. In the animal kingdom of Kunai, there also lives Rikuo, a fox who looks slightly like a cat, and Princess Ayano, a human girl who was raised by two of the head wolves in charge of the kingdom, King Kiro and Queen Tara.

The Tragedy[edit]

Most of the classic scripts, storyboards, and comic strips made it onto Saikorebon's secondary hard drive but crashed in 2003, and the files could not be backed up, so he had to start from scratch, including Rikuo in the story this time. Only a few of the classic strips were saved.

Rikuo and Ayano in Ribbon.


One day Foxy, the vixen leader of the thieving fox clan, "Fox-Z", decided to gather up her clan and sneak into Ayano's window that night and steal her pendant which contains extreme power. Foxy noticed a fox named Rikuo laying on a branch in a tree, taking a nap. She offered a space in her clan, but Rikuo denied, therefore leaving Foxy calling him a "cat".

When midnight came, Foxy stole the pendant as planned, but was caught by Rikuo, making bodyguards and cops chase after her. Using the pendant, she warped out of the animal kingdom and into the human world. Foxy knew that she needed to hide if she didn't want to get caught, so she dove into Laka's ribbon, taking control of Laka's body. Rikuo and Ayano set off to the human world in search of Foxy, using only the replacement "linking pendant" as their guide.

Character Changes[edit]

Former characters prior to Rikuo included Barol and Kurun, two humans that Saikorebon thought were useless, so he got rid of them and threw in Taku the dragon and Mikun the rabbit instead. They weren't major cast member material, but they are still minor characters occasionally appearing in the comic strips.

Rikuo and Sai in Ribbon Mini

Ribbon Mini[edit]

In late 2006, an animated side series of Ribbon has been made and is called, "Ribbon Mini". The only real difference between Ribbon and Ribbon Mini is the story lines. Ribbon Mini just focuses on the aspects of everyday life, and the meaning of friendship. Sai has been added as a major cast member instead of a side role like in Ribbon.

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