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Rhubarb The Bear (real name Ned Wilkinson), is a furry musician and composer who lives in Orlando, Florida, USA.[1] He was formerly known as RhubarbCub until he decided to "age-up" in 2011.[2]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Rhubarb first become involved in the furry fandom in 2008, as an art patron.[3]

Rhubarb debuted his first solo show, The Rhubarb Show (Bear-Based Entertainment), at Furry Fiesta in February 2012, and performed it again at Megaplex,[4] 2012, and Fangcon 2012. His second, Rhubarb The Bear: Maximum fuR&B, premiered at Furry Fiesta 2013 and was subsequently presented at the Orlando Fringe 2013, where it won "Best Kids' Fringe" honors awarded by The Daily City. Maximum fuR&B was also performed at Anthrocon 2013 Megaplex 2013, Fangcon 2013 and as a "warmup act" for the Fosgate revival. In 2014 he teamed up with Cosmik for the Hello World! show at Furry Fiesta 2014, Anthrocon 2014 and Megaplex 2014; their next show, The Songs You Hate!, featured requests for least-liked songs to illustrate the entertainment value in annoying songs. For Eurofurence 21, they combined the two shows to create Hello World! (European Version). Rhubarb's shows are notable for their mix of furry hits, pop songs, audience participation and guest appearances by other furries (including Bucktown Tiger, Vin, Vivaldi Foxerz, Twitch_Da_Woof, Fox Amoore, Danny Dingo, Matsi Wuff, and Rhubarb's mate, Cosmik.)

Rhubarb served as Guest of Honour for Wild Nights 2012, Fangcon 2012, and Eurofurence 21; he has also been announced as GoH for IndyFurCon 2016.


Rhubarb's fursona is an Ozarkian brown bear who alternates between inexplicable ignorance and Zen-like insight.[2] His character was designed by Mary Minch and his suit was created by White Wolf.


Rhubarb is the author of five musicals, two of which deal heavily in anthropomorphic themes.

  • Julie Bunny Must Die! tells the story of a struggling independent graphic artist. He is accompanied on stage by four other actors who play dual roles, of his comic book characters and people in his real world. One of these characters, LaserWolf, is a furry complete with a partial fursuit which the actor dons onstage at various points in the story. The LaserWolf character was designed by Mary Minch and the suit was created by Sophie Cabra. Following a workshop at Central High School in March 2010, it was first produced at the Orlando International Fringe Festival in May 2010, and subsequently at Springfield Contemporary Theatre in January 2011. By invitation, it has been performed at Wild Nights 2011, Oklacon 2011,[5]and Megaplex 2012[6]. The original cast album features performers from both the Orlando Fringe and Springfield casts.
  • Fosgate; Ferret Loan Officer is a broad spoof of The Merchant Of Venice by William Shakespeare; five of the six main characters and two bit parts are portrayed as anthropomorphic animals. Following a workshop at Springfield Community Theatre in December 2011, a staged reading was presented at Wild Nights 2012. A fully realized production of Fosgate was presented at the Orlando Fringe in May 2012. It was the only show in the festival to simultaneously win the Patron's Pick (most tickets sold in a venue) and make the Orlando Sentinel's top 10 list. Fosgate has also been produced at Megaplex 2013, and received an Orlando revival in October 2013.


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