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Self-portrait of AsterionBlazing with her character, Kedamono

Rhandi Fisher (born April 11, 1985),[1] also known as AsterionBlazing and formerly known as R.F. Tigermode, is a professional illustrator, character artist and anthro artist who lives in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, USA.[2] She is best known as the author of the webcomic, The Pride of Life.

AsterionBlazing is a contributor to the Furry Basketball Association, and creator of 2013 draft picks Charita Hendley and Jerry Ratillian Michaels.

She is also the regular artist for the seasonal FBA trading cards and Top 24 portraits. Other works include illustrations for the table-top role-playing game, Torn World,[2] sequential art for Blessing Avenue by Graveyard Greg, a charity auction piece for ConFuzzled 2012, and occasional letterer and colorist to Matthew Smith's Apeman and Monkeyboy.


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