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</gallery> Reskell Laif Greyl, also known as Reskell Antenna Mutt, Tolco492 and Lockian (born 1996), is a fursuiter, furry artist and photographer

Fandom involvement[edit]

Reskell has been involved in Fandom organisation since they were 16. Organising the 'NorthWalesFurs' meets! [1] Laterly taking on a staff role at GBBC (Great British Brony Convention) [2] A now defunct event. They have most recently joined the team at UKPonyCon as Communications lead: [3]

Within the Furry Fandom - Reskell still operates the North Wales Furmeets in Llandudno as well as running 'UK/EU Hoofer Furs' a chat/website and in person meet up's within conventions for furries with hoofed animal characters! [4] As well as 'ThemeParkFursUK' a Telegram chat for furry theme park fans! [5] Reskell was also heavily involved with the now defunct 'FurryOmegleNight' events [6] Mostly running the Telegram chat side with thousands of active chat users.

Following the cancelation of 'Furry Omegle Night' Reskell became more active in running virtual projects to bring furries together, in a safe and secure way from all around the world. In a TikTok mini series called 'Furries: All Around The World' Bringing in thousands on views on the app TikTok. 'Furries: All Around The World' managed to feature 355 fursuiters, across 32 episodes, 3 seasons and featured 52 unique locations. Compilations are available to watch on her YouTube channel! [7] Later Reskell went on to organise annual Virtual Pride Parade TikTok projects as well as Halloween collaborations! [8]


Reskell's main fursona is Reskell! A alien space dog. Who's main fur colour is brown (To match her IRL hair colour!) With accents in lime green, royal blue, plum purple and more! A 'Sparkledog' utalising every colour besides pink! Reskell is renowned for having multiple character's


Reskell is a fursuit collector, Currently owning 8 fursuits. One retired!

  • Reskell - received in 2012 (RETIRED)
  • Harvey the flying/red squirrel - received 2013
  • Pumpkin The Demon Goat - received 2015
  • Tolco the Cheetah - received 2015
  • Midnight the shropshire sheep - received 2016
  • Jasper the Jaguar - received around this time
  • Penumbra the rubberhose toon - received 2017
  • Galactica the Dragon - constructed 2020


Reskell's main fursona is based on Doctor Who - One of there largest interests outside of the furry fandom. Reskell also operates '@ThemeParkFur' a ThemePark vlogging / adventuring channel. Available on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter! Reskell is NonBinary, Polyamarous and Queer! Reskell is a fursuit Dancer having competed and placed in two Scotiacon dance competitions They are a traditional exclusive artist, only doing artwork by hand and not digitally. Her work has been featured in the ConFuzzled & ScotiaCon convention books for multiple years as well as being used on merchandise produced and sold by UKPonyCon. While owning 8 different fursuits Reskell does not actually own a single fullsuit. Only half suits and bodysuits and to date has only made one fursuit head in Galactica the dragon, a Godzilla mask customisation.


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