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ReptileCynrik (born December 10, 1979) is the username of an artist, writer and musician who lives in Winterberg, Germany. His real name is Patrick Reichel (born 1979 in Düsseldorf, Germany) and "Reptile Cynrik" is in fact the name of his fantasy comic character[1].

After school, he studied art and German at the University of Wuppertal. After graduating from university, he began his school service at different public schools. He's currently employed at a puplic school and teaching the subjects music, English, art and German.

Patrick Reichel is a world builder who designed the world "Rulus"[2], the kingdom of "Aktes" as well as all of its citizens, heros and villains. Based on this fantasy world, Patrick Reichel has written his first book "Reptile - Der Kreis des Verderbens" (in English: "Reptile - The circle of doom")[3] in 2003.


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