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A lizard, a type of reptile
Reptiles are a cold-blooded class of animal, typically identified by being covered in scales.

The most typical reptile is probably the lizard, of which there are many kinds. More specialised reptiles include snakes (which lack legs), tortoises (which are protected by a thick shell), and crocodiles (which have bony plates under their scales).

Dragons often have reptilian features.

Reptiles are one of the oldest forms of animal life on Earth coming from the Dinosaurs, meaning "terrible lizards".

Reptiles and the Furry community[edit]

Spitfire, a fictional character in Extinctioners

Probably second only to mammals, reptiles (also known as scalies) are quite a common sight in the furry fandom.

Reptiles in popular media[edit]

Reptiles are most often seen in computer games, but cartoon appearances (especially Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) are also well-known.


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