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Fox Azure, also known as Emevas, Neckshackle, Saikik, and Fox Nevere (full name Emperor Fox Azure Nevere; born December 18, 1986), is a singer and performer from Belfast, Maine, USA. He is the founder and vocalist of the band Industrial Frost.

Industrial Frost[edit]

Blind Cover.JPG
Artist Industrial Frost
Released December, 2005
Format Single
Recorded 2005
Genre Darkwave, Electronica, Industrial
Length 4.13
Label Messiah Records, Hitman Records
Artist Industrial Frost
Album Possessing Me
Released July, 2008
Format Single
Recorded 2008
Genre Goth, Industrial
Length 3.52
Label Hitman Records
Producer Stiff Johnson
The Plague of Assimilation
Artist Industrial Frost
Released 2008
Format EP
Recorded 2008
Artist Industrial Frost
Released September 1, 2010
Format EP

Industrial Frost is a darkwave/goth industrial band from Belfast, Maine. They are known among furry fandom[citation needed] primarily for their anthropomorphic red fox with gouged out eyes on the cover of every one of their albums to date, as well as having all of their album art drawn by famous artists in the furry culture, such as Corona, KamiCheetah, Strype, and Jasen Tamiia.[citation needed] Industrial Frost deny being furries themselves,[citation needed] but hold no antipathy towards them.

In 2007, a poll posted on Industrial Frost's message board was taken, estimating that 20% of Industrial Frost's fans claim to be furries or enjoy furry artwork.[citation needed] The message board was subsequently taken down when the site underwent maintenance in early 2008.

In 2008 Industrial Frost signed on with Hitman Records.

Industrial Frost underwent another hiatus in august 2009, returning on September 1, 2010.



Industrial Frost's mascot is an anthropomorphic fox called Emevas, pictured with bleeding empty eye orbits, while wearing a heavy neck shackle.


  • Blind (December 2005; single)
  • Possessing Me (June 2006)
  • Epidemic (November 2007; single)
  • Resurrection (August 2007)
  • Enslaved Life (2007, postponed)
  • Repent (July 2008; single)
  • The Plague of Assimilation (March 2008)
  • Assimilated (September 2010)



Blind was Industrial Frost's first single. At the time, it just consisted of one member, Fox Azure.

The musical style of Blind was more reminiscent of darkwave than the goth industrial style of Industrial Frost's later material. Blind opens with a drum track fading in with only two accompanying eerie synth tracks. The song meanders with a few time changes and then finally fades out at around 4:00. The b-side, In My Mind, is similar in style, but without the fading transitions.


Repent was Industrial Frost's first single on Hitman Records. It was produced by Stiff Johnson.[1] It was announced on Industrial Frost's website that a music video directed by Roddy Von Seldeneck was on the works.[citation needed]


Enslaved Life[edit]

In 2007 Industrial Frost announced that they would be releasing a sophomore full length album called Enslaved Life featuring artwork from Kamicheetah. The album was abruptly postponed to an indefinite release date.

On August of 2008, Industrial Frost released a teaser of the artwork of Enslaved Life showing a manga style depiction of their anthropomorphic mascot,[citation needed] but to date, no more has been released about the future of the album.

The Plague of Assimilation[edit]

On March of 2008 Industrial Frost released the album The Plague of Assimilation, a limited run EP as "an apology for Enslaved life's prolonged release stasis". It was only sold at two shows in 2008.[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

  • "Revolution"
  • "Epidemic"
  • "My Shadow Wins Today"
  • "Before Sedan"


On September 1, 2010, Industrial Frost released the album Assimilated. The album was a 5 track EP, containing two older IF remakes and two original tracks never before released.


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