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Banner used prior to the March 2012 site change.

RenoFurries (also known as RenoFurs or the Sierra Nevada Furs, or SN Furs for short) is an active, small-sized, furry social group (and website) for the city of Reno, Nevada, USA, and its surrounding areas in northern Nevada and California. The website changed to the Sierra Nevada Furs name in March of 2012, and to RenoFurries in 2016.

RenoFurries is one of two geographically significant furry groups in the state of Nevada, with its counterpart being the Southern-Nevada based VegasFurs.


The group typically holds a couple events each month, with larger get-togethers as they become planned. This varies depending on schedules and local happenings. These events are planned on the forum. The forum is an online hub for local and regional furries that offers a convenient place for its members to stay in touch and plan the events.[1]


  1. SN Furs forum

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