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Rendal's Ravings is a radio program hosted by Raving Rendal. The program is currently broadcast on the FBC. The program began in the early 1990s as a column in the Trekadence newsletter (a zine dedicated to Star Trek and the Trekadence community of Montevideo, MN.) Rendal's column was used to express, or rant, what he enjoyed and disliked about the franchise. Since then, Rendal's Ravings has been the default name for any journal Rendal has kept, believing that he will occasionally start ranting again.

Rendal uses the show to entertain and educate his listeners on a wide variety topics ranging from socio-political turmoil to humorous memes. Rendal often tries to include a furry perspective to his show, explaining how various topics affect the fandom and its members. Rendal has stated that, due to his fear of preforming on stage, his radio show is most likely the closest he will come to performing live.

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