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Renashe Tradewind (pronounced Ren-AH-shay; born November 2)[1] is a furry artist and fursuiter who lives in the United States.[1]

Renashe by hornedfreak.
Renashe by Murcifer.
Renashe's fox fursuit.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Renashe Tradewind is a digital artist, sculptor and amateur fursuit maker, having made one complete full suit of her alternate fox fursona.[2]

Renashe was also a Fur Affinity staff member from Febraury-June 2015, but was removed after publicly disputing the site's direction on advertisements, including explicit pornographic ads.[3][4] Her FA accounts were subsequently suspended.


Renashe's fursona is a white and blue eastern water dragoness.


Renashe constructed her own fursuit, depicting her alternate Arctic fox fursona.[5]

Convention Attendance[edit]

Renashe has attended a number of conventions along the east coast.

  • Furry Weekend Atlanta 2013
  • Fur the 'More 2013
  • DE Furbowl 46
  • FA United 2013
  • Delaware New Years Ball 2013
  • Fur the 'More 2014
  • Anthrocon 2014
  • Fur the ‘More 2017


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