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Ren Queenston (real name Emma Essex, born May 22, 1988), is an agender electronic musician and game designer who lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.[1]

Fandom aliases[edit]

Main or most used aliases: Emma Essex, Renard Queenston, VULPvibe Records, LapFox Trax, Voodoo Nurse, Halley Labs, and NSRRenard.

  • Renard - A gender-null fox/raccoon hybrid with tentacle-like dreads, often portrayed as a nurse. Renard is sometimes nicknamed the Voodoo Nurse. The genre of music that is most familiarized with Renard is Breakcore/Raggacore. Originally, Renard Queenston were a male anthropomorphic red, black, and white fox/raccoon with shoulder-length hair. This version was a closer representation to Ren, the artist. In 2009, he was redesigned, with black hair, dreadlocks, and a nurse outfit. Later on, it became a genderless being, as they felt it better represents what they do creatively. Renard and Jackal Queenston are often viewed as being related as brothers and together form the alias The Queenstons. Renard's design was assisted by artist Kamicheetah. In August 2015, Ren stated they were unlikely to release anything new under this label.[citation needed]
  • Adraen - A dragon and rhinoceros-like creature with black skin, green hair, and glowing green markings. He produces intense breakcore and hardcore digital rave music. Ren stated that this alias was retired on their official Tumblr, stating that his style had grown too much into what Kitcaliber now uses.[clarify][citation needed]
  • Aurastys - A silver female chozo with glowing blue eyes and features. She produces dark ambient, drone, and noise music with sci-fi influences.
  • Azrael - No animal is known to be associated with this persona. The music that is composed under this persona is a blend of hardcore techno and gabber music, very much in the same vein as the very popular Thunderdome music festivals in the Netherlands.
  • Bandetto - Bandetto is an orange, canine pool toy who wears a magneto bandanna with a set of jaws on it. Bandetto produces happy hardcore with really strong Japanese influences. Originally, Ren has stated that this specific alias isn't associated with the LapFox Trax label, but the community has widely accepted him as being part of it.
  • Darius - A gender-null black and white striped badger/skunk hybrid. Darius's first album, ERGOSPHERE, is one of the most popular albums on LapFox Trax's Bandcamp site. Darius produces freeform and progressive fusion, having lots of spacey trance-esque and jazz influences.
  • D-Mode-D - A pair of crossdressing crows, one being white and green, while the other is black and green. D-Mode-D is also signed to LapFox Trax's affiliate record label Breakbit Music. Ren used them as an experimental outlet, producing music such as retromodern left field, electronic dancehall, and dance floor-type music.
  • Eugene - An intersex hellhound who identifies as female. She is a long-term friend of Truxton, and produces harsh, aggressive hip hop and noise music and has so far only released one album.
  • Furries in a Blender - Also known as Emoticon, is an off-white, rainbow-striped feline usually wearing rave accessories who produces happy hardcore, breakcore, and synth-core music. Ren decided to remove him from LapFox in 2014[clarify][citation needed] and to make Emoticon to return.[clarify] But, as a farewell gift, they offered an album to their Patreons,[clarify] Patreon EP, who FIAB is the principal musician.[clarify][citation needed]
  • hyi - An alien made of data that wound up on earth some billions of years ago. They produce an array of styles that, at their core, are mostly glitch and IDM. However, most music they produce is heavily accompanied by elements of other styles such as ambient and chill.
  • Jackal Queenston - A tan and brown jackal who is usually adorned in Nazi and other WWII paraphernalia. He is portrayed as war-mongering and produces drum and bass music, often with themes alluding to violence or power. His design was assisted by Elizabeth Sewell.
  • JAQL - A male dog that produces dubstep and hip hop.
  • Kitcaliber - A male and female duo of white canines named Kit (female, music) and Caliber (male, vocals) who typically wear gas masks and goggles that obscure their faces. They produce digital punk rock, which often includes vocals.
  • Kitsune² - A white, video game-loving rat who produces video game style chiptune and demotune music. He is often seen wearing shirts with references to video games such as PacMan on them.
  • Klippa - A large orange horned lizard, similar to a dinosaur. He produces downtempo, skweee, dubstep, hip-hop, glitch-hop, and other similar genres.
  • Mayhem - A keytar-playing shark with a cyber/punk style. She produces a multitude of music in different genres, mostly House and electro music with breakbeat influence. Her style of music is generally dancy and upbeat, and often aggressive in tone.
  • Mischief - A "freckle shark" who has been depicted to be in a relationship with Mayhem.[2]
  • NegaRen - Not just an inverted version of Renard, but is seen as a sort of alternate version. NegaRen is often referred to as a "pumpkin fox". It is portrayed as a mischievous, yet fun-loving character. NegaRen's music is a Halloween-themed combination of happy hardcore, speed dance, and reggaeton. Albums under this alias are only released during the fall months of October and November, fitting with its overall Halloween theme.
  • Rotteen - A grey cat with pink hair that produces hardcore fusion. She was originally created as a replacement for Furries in a Blender.
  • RQ - An agender demon princess who produces hypercore and trappy hardcore. They are sometimes seen with extremely large, pink tentacles.
  • Sonitus Vir - A male yak who produced symphonic music, before he was retired.
  • The Quick Brown Fox - A multi-colored, piñata-fox, often seen with a bat with the initials "TQBF" written on it. He produces speedcore music, in relation to its name. His early works were very harsh, aggressive, and loud, however, over time his style evolved into something much more upbeat and happy.
  • Tomba - A white/hot pink/off-black hellhound who is one of Ren's Second Life characters.
  • Truxton - A white/teal/off-black intersexed hellhound (originally a ram). Truxton began as one of Ren's Second Life avatars. Originally, Ren had no intentions of using Truxton as a musical persona. Truxton produces purely mash-up music, which uses many samplings from different songs with little original content.
  • ⇩LOAD - A male bat that produces noise and harsh noise. On the covers for his albums, he is drawn in sexual situations, usually involving feces.


Queenston produces a variety of primarily electronic music. Occasionally, they write rock-influenced music, employing mostly synthesizers and sequencers. They are the founder and owner of the Canadian record company LapFox Trax (formerly VULPvibe), where they publish their own work under a number of different aliases.

Their musical style ranges from chiptunes to electronic, happy hardcore to speedcore, and other similar genres. They have released various records via their online Bandcamp and CafePress stores.

Production tools[edit]

Renard uses MODPlug for the majority of their music producing and mastering, FL Studio and Atari ST speech synthesis for vocoding, and ACID Pro and GoldWave for additional mastering.

The various VSTs (Virtual Studio Technology instruments), they use include AskaAyum, Bassline, Cheeze Machine, GalactiX, Kontakt, Legacy, Miniogue, NEOkILLER-II, Nexus, PlasticCZ, Pro-53, Pterosaur, Purity, Silkworm, Supersaw, Sylenth1, Synth1, The Shepherd, Ticky Clav, Vanguard, and Wavestation. VST effects are made with Antares AutoTuner, Antares AVOX 2 Suite, BJ LoFi, BJ Ringmod, Fruity 7 Band EQ, Fruity Bass Boost, Fruity Blood Overdrive, Fruity Phaser, Formant Filter, mda Stereo, mda SubSynth, OrangeVocoder, Puncher, RetroDelay, URS 1970 / 1975 / 1980 Compressor / Limiters, and standard DirectX echo and wavesreverb.

They use many different sound formats and have used hundreds of sound samples in their music.


PSURG Design is the media team of Ren and SqueedgeMonster. The majority of art used throughout the LapFox Trax sites is drawn and rendered by Squeedge, and more design aspects are added by Ren. Their products are sold through RedBubble.

Game design[edit]

Renard is also the driving force behind the Mungyodance series of freeware PC games,[citation needed] which is similar in nature to Dance Dance Revolution. Under the PSURG Design logo, they created another game called Shark Attack, an 8-bit shooter featuring the aliases associated with PSURG, Mischief and Mayhem, as well as two other shark characters, Fracas and Malice.[citation needed]

Interests and hobbies[edit]

Renard is a gamer, though they primarily play rhythm games that include dancing and music such as ThirdStyle, FlashFlashRevolution, Dance Dance Revolution, Pump It Up, Pop'n Music, and BeatMania IIDX. They also enjoy arcade-style fighting games such as Vampire Savior 2 and Guilty Gear Accent Core, shooters such as Gradius V and Metal Slug 3, and side-scrollers including Mega Man 4 and Metroid. Renard is an avid fan of the classics Sinistar and Splatterhouse.

Along with video games, they are a fan of comic books, and such films as Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, Evil Dead II, Bride of Re-Animator, We Are the Strange, and others.



Queenston suffers from NREM arousal parasomnia, also known as Sleep sex or sexsomnia.[3] They acted out this disorder in December 2013 by sleep sexually assaulting their then-partner Nishimikan, who was unaware of Ren's parasomnia at the time.[4]

Nishimikan also claimed that they were physically abusive during the duration of their relationship, from around mid-2012 to January 2014.[5] Renard, later in return, responded to Nishimikan's accusation on their Facebook account,[6] denying the accusations of long-term abuse and describing the relationship, aside from the parasomnia issues, as "based on communication from the start".[7]

As a result of the story coming out, Queenston withdrew from social media, in particular describing Twitter as unhealthy, and promised to continue undergoing therapy, claiming to be on a long waiting list for a sleep lab.[7]


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