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Relyks-Rone is a babyfur and furry artist who lives in Indiana, U.S.A.

Relyks' fursona is a darklingroo. He has odd-coloured eyes, with his left being brown, and his right being red. He is not able to survive in the sun for extended periods of time, for if he exposed to sunlight for over two hours, he will fall ill.

His mother, interestingly, is not a kangaroo, but a wolf named Misty. Relyks has various powers from within his dark heart, and also carries a few offspring in his pouch, despite his being male).

Relyks' daddyfur is Wraith Fireorca. On many occasions Relyks will baby others as a teen, but at other times he will be a little baby roo.

Relyks grandfather is meiko, Wraith Fireorca's daddy.

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