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Rei Vegan

Rei Vegan is a Canadian artist located in Edmonton, Alberta. Rei is the creator of the DSV Nautica universe (webcomic) and the half-tiger, half-dragon star, Neesah. His art can be found on VCL, YNA, deviantART, SheezyArt, and Fur Affinity.

Other projects in the past include being the Art Director / Graphic Design & Layout Artist for Yiff: The Card Game, and Distortion, a spin off of Shawntae Howard's Extinctioners universe. He's currently attending MacEwan College in the Design & Motion Image course, and working for Indiscope Entertainment on a science fiction film as visual effects supervisor.

The Rei Vegan alter-egos vary depending on his state of mind, though the most popular ones were his Bengal tiger character who eventually became his tigron (tiger/dragon hybrid) character. Rei is of the opinion that one's fursona should not be set in stone. It should be changed either to reflect the player or simply because the player wants to (which inevitably is a result of a more subconscious former).

Other characters by Rei Vegan include:

  • Darkstripe (vampiric, shapeshifting gendershifting negatiger)
  • Distortion (Ora Colby by day, sonic-expulsion superhero bat)
  • Frostbite (Niege Unulaaq by day, tempurature control superhero polar bear)
  • Hiyos (anthro Yoshi male)
  • Becca (anthro Koopa female)
  • Rowan (newt extremist male)
  • Argus (spotted stingray, won the VCL image of the day, based on species)
  • Jdzaria (otter/feline hybrid female, main character of a short story)
  • Lilith (wolf/panda hybrid female, assasain in the DSV Nautica universe)
  • Hass'k (draconid male, order-keeper/guardian in DSV Nautica)

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