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Rehgan Digitamos Otes.

Rehgan Digitamos Otes, or simply Rehgan for short, is an artist who specializes in anthropomorphic content.

Rehgan works in a variety of media, mainly pencil or pen and ink, but also colored pencils, acrylics, and oil paints. Most of his coloring is done digitally, primarily with OpenCanvas and GIMP.[1] He has been actively posting on deviantART since June, 2004,[2] and on Fur Affinity since May, 2006,[3] mostly in the form of single images but also including several strips, panels, and full page comics.[4][2] Rehgan has written several short stories, mostly unpublished.[1] He is credited with being a beta reader for the i.s.o. comic series by Vince Suzukawa for issues 2-10.[1]

Rehgan has been drawing since childhood, and states that he has always known that he wanted to be a professional artist. He has been formally studying art since high school, and, as of July, 2010, is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in animation and illustration.[1]

Although Rehgan has a large cast of characters, two of his best known are the eponymously-named Rehgan, a tiger, formerly a wiger (wolf/tiger hybrid), who he describes as his avatar and fursona, and Nick Zieu, a ticou (tiger/cougar hybrid) who he considers to be his dominant character.[1]


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