Reggy Bryghttail

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Reggy Bryghttail (Prophet)

Reggy Bryghttail (also known as Prophet) is a character in Extinctioners.

  • Height: 5 ft. 8 in.
  • Weight: ? lb.
  • Age: 25 years/23 cycles
  • Sex: Male
  • Race: Canin
  • Species: Vulpine
  • Date of Birth: 988.??.??
  • Place of Birth: ?
  • Class: Hybrid
  • Powers: Precognition
  • Marital Status: ?
  • First Appearance: Artic Blue Webcomic - Page #09[1]


First comic appearance was in Extinctioners issue 16. Reggy was first seen approaching the Ice Box Tavern, the current work place for Artica Lagopus, and has his muzzle accidently slammed into the establishment's door by Niege "Frostbite" Unulaaq, Artica's co-worker and roommate. Upon helping him up, Niege discovers that Reggy is carrying an old photograph of a much younger Artica. Before he can be questioned, both are distracted by what sounds like a scream from Artica.

Reggy is a former cadet of the Solar Strike Force and was also stationed on Alopex. Upon graduation he was commissioned his own freight supply ship. His supply ship was caught in the initial attack on the space station Alopex, and his life support systems were damaged. What happened to him beyond that point is still currently unknown.

Like Artica, Reggy is a Hybrid (A humanimal that possesses an extraordinary power). Reggy's hybrid ability is precognition. While this ability allows Reggy to see events in the future, it does not often give him exact details. He sees the large picture, but minor details may escape his attention.

This character was created by Ron Duncan and is his non-official fursona. Used by Shawn Howard with permission.



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