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Regdeh Ssor (born February 23, 1989)[1] is a fursuiter and musician who lives in Reading, Berkshire, England.[2]


Regdeh's fursona is a falpoe, a hybrid of falcon and hoopoe.[2] His feathered are orange, with blue-tipped wings.

Regdeh also has two secondary characters: Rhamzees (a lion), and Rupert Amberson (also known as Thought Master, a Golden Eagle).[2]


Regdeh got into the furry fandom via the Internet, around age nineteen.[2] He owns two fursuits:

  • Falco Lombardi, a falcon space-pilot, who was built by Fox Convoy and first appeared at the MCM London Anime Expo in May, 2011.[3]
  • Regdeh Ssor, the fursuit of his fursona. Also built by Fox Convoy, this fursuit debuted at ConFuzzled 2012.[4]


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