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RefsheetLogo BusyWhite.png
Author(s) MauAbata & Inkmaven
Status Active
Launch date February 2017
Genre Character repository is a character repository website seeking to facilitate communication between character creators and artists. It was launched in February of 2017 by MauAbata and is currently under active development. Support for Refsheet comes from a crowd of wonderful people, including co-founder Inkmaven. Financial support is provided via Patreon ( with the occasional Ko-fi donation (

Character profiles[edit]

An example character card, highlighting basic character traits, with an expandable color palette.

The main function of Refsheet is to show off character profiles. As of now, these include basic attributes of your character (see screenshot), as well as an about box, likes and dislikes. Future plans include changing the content of the pages to a modular structure, allowing for inclusion of attribute tables, more image sections, and longer writing sections as well as relationship structures. Also featured is a color palette underneath the character card, which aids artists by providing exact hexadecimal color codes for various important bits of your character.

At the bottom of every page is a character gallery, which features 3 primary images and a collection of additional images. Future plans include grouping images in the gallery, similar to the character groups on the user profile page.

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