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Rocksalt Lion Partial made by Redstorm Fursuits

Redstorm Fursuits is a fursuit studio based out of Arizona. They specialize in making heads out of foam with moving jaws. Their felines are what they're known mostly for, though they've done dragons, Dutch Angel Dragons, canines, sergals, and much more.

The suit-making team of Redstorm consists of Zaro Wolf and Kets Vulpes (who now goes by Kitkat Cabbit), they are both fursuiters and sport their iconic Red and Blue cabbit duo. Redstorm Fursuits opens for suit commissions a couple times a year and typically completes them within a span of 4-8 months. They also do premades about once a month and sell those online.

Their work has had a huge variety of style, using bases purchased from different makers (mostly Dreamvision Creations), ordered online (Runaway Workshop, Water Dog Wharf). Redstorm Fursuits' custom foam bases are hollow and lightweight, but flexible.


Redstorm Fursuits started in Tampa, Florida in 2014 when both makers made their first heads separately from one another. They combined forces and moved to Arizona to continue making suits. The name Redstorm Fursuits comes from a combination of their original fursona characters. Zaro's character was storm or thunder related and Kets's sona had various shades of red. As of January 2017, they've made over 18 fursuit heads. As of May 2017, they've made 9 more, with 8 of those having a moving jaw.

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