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/r/furry mascot by /u/HarmonyHeartstrings

/r/furry, sometimes referred to as the furry subreddit or furry reddit, is a user-created community (known as a "subreddit") on the news aggregation, content rating, and discussion website Reddit.com that is dedicated to the furry fandom. The subreddit was created in May 2008 by a user named Corbin Fox and as of October 2018, over 61,000 users, also known as redditfurs, are subscribed to this subreddit. Being a subreddit dedicated to the furry fandom, subscribers can share furry related artwork, stories, videos and photography to one another that can be voted on. Users are also able to start discussions about the fandom or ask questions to other subscribers.


  • Community banner filled with artwork by various artists.
  • Furry related artwork, stories and photography.
  • YouTube videos of furry-related content.
  • Funny pictures of furries and/or animals.
  • References to furries in the media.
  • Various questions/announcements to the furry community.

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