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Red Shetland is a fictional horse character created by Jim Groat as a parody of Red Sonja. For the most part, Red wears the "chain-mail bikini" that Red Sonja made famous. Created in early 1983 as a verbal joke between Jim Groat and Richard Konkle. Red first appeared in Equine the Uncivilized #2. In 1989 Red Shetland got her own title and continued to to Issue #11. Red is looked at as "5 feet of hormonal rage", though a sworn virgin, eventually loses hers to a Borderlands knight named Sir Karl, a European Red Deer. The She-mare with a sword possibly may return in book form later.

A version of Red Shetland exists in FurryMUCK; this Red appears frequently in Jim Groat's West Corner Of the Park comic strip.


A series of comic books has also been written with Red as the subject, illustrated in part by Terrie Smith.

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