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Red Light District (also RLD) is an adult Flash and Unity Engine game by HTH Studios. It is set in the gritty Red Light District of Empire City, a fictional version of the real-world New York City. The player is able to pay escorts in the area for either bareback or safe sex, and is able to explore the run-down and neglected buildings in the district.[1].

Red Light District is also a video game created and produced by the fictional version of HTH Studios, which explains the presence of certain characters from High Tail Hall in the Red Light District.


Red Light District was revealed when the High Tail Hall's gold subscription service was introduced, but it was much smaller in scope and was not worked on much due to more priority being directed at High Tail Hall.[2]

Red Light District was later transferred to the Unity Engine along with High Tail Hall in 2018, where it has received a large increase in development time as a result of the game's significantly smaller size in comparison to the latter.

List of characters[edit]

See List of characters in High Tail Hall.


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