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Red Baron', or Arrow Jäger Stryker, is a fursuiter and artist who lives on Jersey[1] in the Channel Islands between the United Kingdom and France. They work as a full time animator in the UK and are also a keen aviator.

They have two characters; Red Baron (a male wolf-hybrid[clarify] whom they mainly use) and Aquilla (a female gryphon). Red makes semi-realistic fursuits, Red Baron was made by them. They are also an artist.

Red Joined the fandom in 2014 but had Baron as character since 2007. They attended their first meet in Bristol 2015. They were frequently at the Bristol fur meets and occasionally Swansea. They have attended JFTW and Confuzzled in 2016 and 2017. They are also the co-chairman of MotorfursUK.

Red is a professional stop frame animator working in the uk and has worked on films such as the Shaun the Sheep Movie, the TV series Scream street and the feature film Chuck Steel. They hold a first class degree in Animation Production and a postgraduate certificate in character animation from the nation film and television school/ Aardman academy. They are currently training to be a commercial airline pilot.


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