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Red and Lemon Orange are the, rather oddball, parents of Orange and Tangerine, in Macropod Madness, by Kelvin the Lion.

Red himself was a millionaire, from Weirdoran, and became a diehard fan of Capt. Harlock. Because of which, he left for over a dozen years on a lengthy airship journey. During which time, Lemon was left to raise Orange and Tangerine by herself. But prior to seeing Red (no pun intended) and giving birth to each their daughters, there was a rumour that Lemon is a psycho who escaped from an institution. Though undetermined, could this be true? Incidentally, Lemon is usually seen holding a large knife, even if kitchen chores is her hobby, like that of June Cleaver.

When Red finally returned, many were amazed with all his findings, including an anger stone, which grants wishes out of one's demands for change. To her advantage, due to angry at Red for his long absence, Lemon made the most unbelievable wish with the anger stone.....wishing male 'roos had pouches too! And that caused a crazy epidemic to all boomer kangaroos in all of Macropodia!! But many eventually got used to it.

No matter what, this funny couple cannot help but be *madly* in love, and are happy to have their daughters. And that includes Thanksgiving with (because kangaroos are herbivores) an artificial turkey! (Note to John Madden: DON'T ASK about an artificial turducken!)