Recreational drug use in furry fandom

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Recreational drugs are psychoactive, alcoholic, and nicotine-based substances. They may be used for pleasure or to enhance an already positive experience. Based on a jurisdictions's laws and/or culture, recreational drugs can be classified as either illegal or restricted (marijuana), or legal but regulated (such as alcohol and tobacco).


Drug use and misuse seems to be less common within the furry fandom than in the public at-large,[citation needed] which may be explained by the fact that the fandom itself is an escape and a creative outlet that makes drugs unnecessary;[citation needed]


Alcohol is the most common drug in the fandom,[citation needed] as in the public at large. Marijuana is especially popular on the West Coast of the U.S.,[citation needed] while ecstasy it is sometimes used at late-night furry dances and parties.[citation needed]

Drug use at conventions[edit]

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Drug use at major furry conventions is governed by three factors:

  • All conventions have strict policies against illicit drug use (including underage drinking).
  • Conventions are usually run at a hotel or other private facility anticipating sleep-overs in private rooms. These may be a venue for drug use and may eliminate concern about impaired driving.
  • Availability of legal drugs such as alcohol may be one feature of public- and private-room parties. Public parties usually have door guards to verify the age of attendees.

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