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rec.arts.furry was a newsgroup proposed by Kay Shapero and Mitch Marmel in early 2000, as a flame-free, moderated alternative to

History[edit] had been repeatedly disrupted by particularly nasty arguments, accusations, and "trolling" to the point where some have taken to calling it alt.flame.furry.[citation needed] Many users were driven away, and the rest tended to keep huge killfiles.

After extensive discussion,[citation needed] it had become clear that moderating the extant newsgroup was undesirable at best, and impossible at worst. Argument does have its place, but there also seems a place for a separate, moderated group, so rec.arts.furry was proposed.[1]

In July 2000, rec.arts.furry did not get the 100 more yes votes than no votes necessary for creation, falling short by only 8 votes.[2]


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