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RebelWolf Fursuit by Christiee Anne Hochstine . Picture by DragonScale

RebelWolf (born October 8, 1978)[1] is a furry and fursuiter who lives in Hellertown, Pennsylvania, United States.[1]

RebelWolf has a close connection to his wolf spirit, and a strong bond with nature. His fursona is malamute-husky-wolf mix.

Rebel's name comes from where he was born in Conway, Arkansas, and because he is a Rebel at heart. His interests reflect this, enjoying anything with fast cars, big trucks and motorcycles. RebelWolf is a mechanic at his own business, Down On All Four's automotive, and is studying Computer Programming on the side, learning code.


Rebel's first fursuit was a partial husky made by Squeakychewtoy, which debuted at Anthrocon 2008.[2] Another one of his suits, named Falstaff, was made by Magnus Diridian (who wore him to Anthrocon 2007), and was modeled after artist Jessica Willard-Addams' character Falstaff. His newest suit was made by the Talented Beastcub and debuted in 2011. Its name is Rapture and it is a Black and Red Crux (species).


RebelWolf has attended several conventions, including:

  • FA: United! 2007, 2008
  • Anthrocon 2008 (Fursuit debut),2009
  • Mid West Fur Fest 2009
  • The New Years Furry Ball 2007,2008,2009

Second Life[edit]

RebelWolf has an account on Second Life as Rebel Coakes, but he is only on the game a few times a week.


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