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Reaux (born April 14, 1982) is a furry who lives in Elsmere, Delaware, U.S.A. Reaux has been actively involved in the furry fandom since mid 2004.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Reaux has worked with The Furst State, Delaware's regional furry community, since its inception in 2005[1] She assumed the role of lead administrator in January 2017 after Kitt3ns handed it off to her at New Year's Furry Ball. [2]

In addition to community involvement, Reaux is an artist and fursuiter.


Reaux's fursona is a pudú deer, the smallest species of deer in the world.

Conventions and Meets[edit]

Reaux was on the staff of Fur the 'More from 2013 - 2017, dealing with the Fursuiting Track and Headless Lounge.[3]

As of January 2017, Reaux has taken leadership of The Furst State. She now heads the Delaware Furbowl[4] and New Year's Furry Ball, as well as trampoline park meets and other small events.


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