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Tuvalu (born September 11, 2001;[1] also known as Juvalu or Tuvaluan and formerly known as Seven Twenty, 720p, 3oajSiqaZagZhsgOXmk4, _-______-------_fuck, 12_year_old or Saffron) is a furry fan and active contributor to e621 from the United Kingdom.[1] Tuvalu has been banned many times from e621 due to his involvement with rule-breaking and ban evasion, however, in January 2016, the ban on Tuvalu was overturned by Ratte.[2]

His favourite furry image is a depiction of fender being anally penetrated by a cheese grater.[1]

Reaper Eternal[edit]

Reaper Eternal, along with the pseudonym of Sebastien Kocet, was created as an alias by Tuvalu and possibly others for breaking rules on e621. Reaper Eternal was supposedly from Montenegro and his hobbies included astrophysics and table tennis, his fursona was a red fox.[3] Reaper was well known for his rule-breaking behaviour on e621, which has gotten him banned along with his many accounts created for the purpose of evading bans.[4]


Reaper was claimed to have been born to a poor family in a small settlement of the Budva Municipality. After a rough childhood, he learned to become an engineer at University Mediteran and emigrated to Wales for a job working with T-Mobile. He was said to have been shifting between his apartment in Podgorica and his cottage in Llanbradach.

Reaper allegedly discovered the furry fandom in 2013 after discovering sexually themed images of Renamon on e621.


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Reaper Eternal[edit]

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