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Razor the Khajiit
Razor in fursuit

Razor (real name Mikko; born April 4, 1989)[1] is fursuiter and writer who lives in Oulu, Finland. He is also known as Razor260, and Yammu on deviantART and Fur Affinity.


Razor's fursona is a Khajiit, a subhuman feline race from The Elder Scrolls game series. He is 185cm (6ft 1") tall and weighs 89kg (196.2 lbs). He is muscular and has dark fur, with lighter-coloured fur on his front and black spots around his body.

Razor has yellow cat-like eyes, and some kind of black tribal mark on his head. He has three golden earrings in each ear.


Razor joined the furry fandom at the beginning of 2013. His hobbies include sports and Japanese martial arts.

An occasional writer, he posts his stories on his Fur Affinity account.


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