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Razeth's Character

Razeth is a musician and DJ who lives in Chicago, Illinois, USA, right next to Midwest FurFest. He is on the AV team for IndyFurCon (2020-present), and former AV Lead, Director of Technical Operations, and DJ Coordinator for Capital City Fur Con (2019-2020). He is also the Lighting Designer, programmer, and operator, for Lights Out Barks Out! Chicago. His main character is a dragon.

His DJ sets primarily focus on dubstep, including subgenres of droid bass, downtempo trap, and general bass music. He can also be found playing genres of house, including bass house, tech house, weird house, and techno.

Razeth also runs a room party group at conventions that goes by the name ZETH.

Amidst the Coronavirus outbreak in 2020, he ran a livestreamed music festival called Rave From Home, consisting of multiple DJs over multiple days.[1]

Outside of the fandom, Razeth has played at multiple clubs, festivals, and bars all over the United States.

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