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RayLiehm is a furry who lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.[1] His fursona was previously a red fox, although as of mid-2009 he has identified himself as a maned wolf.

Ray is an occasional furry artist, and has also been known to dabble in haiku poetry. He is the host of the Silent Paranoia segment on the popular Australian furry podcast, ACTfur On Air, and also enjoys amateur astronomy, model rocketry, videography and media production. He has attended the furmeets FurJAM (2007 - 2010) MiDFur (2007 - 2010), RivFur (2008 - 2010) and was the organiser of FurJAM 2010. He also served as the semi-official videographer for Midfur 2008.

As of July 2009, Ray has also been an active fursuiter. His fursuit of his maned wolf fursona (often known under the name Satimo) was constructed by Joecifur, and made its public debut at Rivfur 2009.


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