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Fey, A Ravow drawn by Mursa ArtDragon.

| estimatedpopulation = 11

A species of black avian created by Mursa ArtDragon, Specified as a rare species in his stories. Few others have made ravow characters including Lisa Shadow wing by Tyroon Blackfire and Sigmius Adamant.

Body Features[edit]

A Ravow's entire body are covered in black feathers except from the knee down which is also black and scaled.

Ravows have slender bodies with long slender wings. Another noticeable feature are a Ravows tail which consists of three slim prehensile tails covered in long feathers.

The Beak is long narrow and hooks slightly at the end with a bowed ridge on the top.


the Eyes of a Ravow are there races Most distinctive feature.

Gold eyes on males and Silver eyes on Females there eyes give the Ravow a large number of abilities beyond just being able to see, which include the capability to see through objects or walls, as well as being able to directly manipulate a persons mind. Doing such things as Wiping Memories, forcing a person to do something against there will or just paralyzing a person momentarily, although it is possible for some to use there eyes to kill.

Although it takes many years of practice for them to be able to use there eyes effectively, and with out training there eyes function more like normal eyes but can some times find people doing what they wish not realising they are using there eyes to manipulate that person.


The Kimeir is a Disease that affects only the Ravow race, its Origin is unknown but is likely Genetic, it is not an Infectious disease and dose not get passed on through physical contact.

Ravow born with the Kiameir can be effected to different degrees a rather mild form of the Kiameir can result in mild feather loss, but more advanced cases of Kiameir can have a much wider range of effects such as a much higher level of feather loss, feathers hardening into a crystal like state, infertility, loss of vision, and rapid aging as well as many more debilitating side effects.


Ravow are a highly religious Race and most of there kind strictly follow there races Religion. Although there are some members of there race which disagree with others of there race and some times find them selves at odds with there races Religion.

Reign Aviana Fey’s brother is one of the more religious Ravow, who likely has the most understands of there races bible then any other so far.

The Ravow’s Religion, is rather strict about Sexual conduct, and they are not allowed to be seen in bare feathers to others out side of there race.

Mursa is currently in work on a book "The Sight" a form of bible of the ravow's to outline there story and beliefs


The Great Bird: The Ravows ultimate Goddess and goes by no true name. Ravows believe that the night is her wings being veiled over there world, that the largest moon is her silver eye looking down on them giving them power and magick, the sun her gold eye giving life and protection.

Kermir: god of lust, fertility and partnership. Is mated to the Goddess Heimra.

Heimra: goddess of birth, youth and bonding. Is mated to the God Kermir.

Nelkuniem: God of winds and current. Depicted as an invisible, large non anthro bird with wings greater proportion to its body. As he flies the winds follow him.