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RavorKlaw, drawn by Messy Mutt.

RavorKlaw, or Rav (real name James Starr, born August 16, 1977), is a furry from the island of Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands, USA.

RavorKlaw joined the furry fandom in 2010, but started out on boards and streams as ExperimentStitch, Stitch626, or simply just Stitch, being named after, and looking just like, the Disney character from Lilo and Stitch.


RavorKlaw's fursona is a fat and inflatable blue snow leopard with an oversized "outie" navel. He has blue hair, ice-blue eyes, blue glasses, and a symbol on his chest, back and arms.

He wears his trademark black rave pants, with a combination of neon-blue stars and stripes, and a big neon-blue belt buckle. Rav will occasionally wear chains on his pants.

RavorKlaw, drawn by Caled.


RavorKlaw's fursona is capable of inflating to massive sizes. His outie navel also has this capability on its own.

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