Raven Wolf (story series)

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Raven Wolf is a story series and comic written by Kurapika Suki. Set in the fictional city of Cordella thousands of years after humankind was driven to near-extinction and transformed by animal spirits into anthropomorphic hybrids, the story centers around Eve, Teddy and Yula and a coming cataclysm between the civilizations that had been built up by the hybrid races.

Suki first began on the novel on June 2011, and is currently on Book 5; she has also worked on a side-novel, Raven Wolf: Origins. She began the comic on 26 October 2011.


  • Eve Cadrey - protagonist, curator at Cordella Museum of Natural History
  • Teddy Conner - escorts Yula to questioning
  • Yula ("Subject 1502") - 300-year-old man who can see the end of the world, the subject of a 300-year-old
  • General Mort - jackal, antagonist

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