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Raven Foxx's main fursona Rabi, as drawn by herself.

Raven Foxx, also known as Ravenhoof, is an anthro artist, musician, and fursuiter from Michigan, United States. She is the twin sister of pony artist Inkwell Artz.

Ravenhoof Blue, as drawn by herself


Raven's main fursona is Rabi/Raven Blue Foxx, a young female individual of her canid-reptilian hybrid species called Droxen.[1] Rabi has the markings similar to that of a red fox, and is a shapeshifter, usually assuming the form of a fox, Chinese dragon, or common raven.


Raven's ponysona, Ravenhoof Blue, is a light blue unicorn with a black and white mane and tail. Her cutie mark is a black quill and a swirl.


Raven creates furry art in many different forms, most commonly as illustrations. She uses both traditional and digital mediums. Raven is the author of the political and educational webcomic Animal Planet, which is currently on hiatus.


Raven Foxx at her laptop in her first suit head

In May 2017, Raven Foxx started creating personal fursuits.[2] Her first suit is of her fursona, Rabi, and was constructed by Inkwell and herself.

Conventions attended[edit]

Raven Foxx has attended BronyCon 2016, and Youmacon 2017 and 2018.


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