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RaveWolfRomel, also known as Kiko to friends, is a furry who lives in Chicago, Illinois, USA. His species is werewolf.[1]

Real life[edit]

Professionally, RaveWolfRomel is a Chief Building Engineer, Licensed Engineer and City of Chicago supervising electrician (licensed). He previously owned PRISM Mechanical with his brother Miguel Betancourt (Purple Haze), a known drag performer.

In addition to his interests in all things furry, Romel enjoys working out at X sport fitness. He is a member and follower of the muscle-furs group on Fur Affinity. Romel performs research into the history of North American examples of reported werewolf sightings, such as the Michigan Dogman and the Beast of Bray Road. For relaxation, Romel enjoys Rave and Dubstep music, and poi (both fire and LED).


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