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Rattie TheRat, or just Rattie, formerly known as Lagon (born January 18, 1981 in Aarhus, Denmark)[1], is a Danish male fursuiter from Copenhagen, Denmark[2], who currently reside in United Kingdom[3].

Fandom involvement[edit]

Rattie joined the fandom in September 2011 as Lagon when he registered on DKFurs, a Danish furry forum, where he is still active.
The name Lagon started out as an honest misspell, and should have read "Lagom", the Swedish word for moderate/moderation. Not long after he changed his name to Rattie, which he goes by to this day.

Rattie started out attending conventions shortly after joining the furry fandom and has been working for them in the following positions


Rattie TheRat's fursona, Rattie, is a brown rat. His personality is friendly, mischievous, and very silly. During his most crazy moments, Ratties' friends are prone to shout out "silly" to him in a playful manner, thus he thinks his first name to be "Silly Rattie".


Rattie TheRat currently owns two fursuits.

Previously owned suits


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