Rat Tangent

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Rat Tangent
Author(s) "Mark"
Update schedule Ended
Launch date February 8, 2007
End Date February 10, 2011
Genre Comedy
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Rat Tangent is a furry webcomic by "Mark",[1] which ran between February 8, 2007, and February 10, 2011.[2] It was originally titled Lab Rats, but was changed after the author came to realize that the phrase was "a bit overused".[1]


Rat Tangent explores the lives of three lab rats.[1]


Main characters[edit]

The main characters of Rat Tangent are the three rats:[3]

  • Dalton, the dreamer. He is an idealist and a little naive. Some may call him lazy, but he would prefer "contemplative".
  • Tesla, the curmudgeon. He is bitter over his working in cosmetic research.
  • Kepler, the thinker. Kepler is a fountain of knowledge, though he is more book-smart than street-smart.

Other characters[edit]

Minor recurring characters in the comic include:

  • Edison, the genius. Edison is Tesla’s recently discovered son and a constant source of aggravation.
  • Cal, the fighting calorimeter. The mascot of Berthelot College, he reluctantly joined the cast because there is little else that a piece of scientific equipment can do.


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