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Author(s) Mastergodai, UStudios
Status Fridays
Launch date September 19, 2009
End date Ongoing
Genre Action, adventure, comedy, drama
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Rascals is an action/adventure/comedy/drama webcomic drawn and written by Mastergodai and soft brushed by UStudios. Previously hosted by The Katbox, it is now part of the Kemono Café webcomic community.[1] Rascals is done in memory of Tim Marks (a.k.a. Jabronisaur).


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Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

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Arc 1 (Page 1 through Page 33)[edit]

Chrissy McCloud arrives in Fawnamere City at 7:00 PM for her first day college as a graphic designs major. With a truck load of personal belongs, Chrissy has to carry them up three flights of stairs. Once upstairs, Chrissy is excited with how large her dorm room is and the entertainment center. While enjoying her shower, Quick pulls the curtains open and video tapes her, mistaking Chrissy for Skye. While thoroughly beating Quick, Zoey wakes up and tells Chrissy that this the dorms are unisex. Quick apologizes to Chrissy and promises to erase the tape. Skye enters and rubs Quick’s face in the fact that he is now the Prank Champion for two weeks in a row. After Skye introduces himself to Chrissy, she leaves to put on some clothes. Skye jokes with Quick about his crush on Chrissy. While Chrissy put son some clothes, Reiko enters via ninja smoke bomb and introduces herself and tries to hit on Chrissy.

The next morning, Quick walks out to see Chrissy hold up a new game. With his nose bleeding out with excitement, Quick silently agrees to play it with Chrissy. During the game, Reiko tells Chrissy that she landed her a job at her place of work that proceeded with Reiko trying to hit on Chrissy again. Hearing a knock at the door, Skye opens it to see Anzo crying and blaming Skye for hooking him up with one of his flings. Anzo proceeds to hit on Reiko and gets shot down.

Reiko takes Chrissy to PvN Entertainment, a restaurant and Reiko’s current employer. Reiko introduces Chrissy to Azubah, PvN Entertainment’s head supervisor. As part of the culture, PvN Entertainment requires all employees to wear outfits. Chrissy tries on the ninja outfit but changes to the pirate outfit as it shows too much fur for her liking. Chrissy appears to have little luck selling any snacks or drinks. To remedy this, Reiko dumps vanilla ice cream on herself and Chrissy to motivate the customers, which surprisingly works. When Reiko and Chrissy leave for the day, Reiko playfully wrestles with Chrissy with Quick and one of his buddies.

Back at the apartment, Reiko playfully teases Quick about all the men hitting on Chrissy at PvN Entertainment. Chrissy comes in from her first day of classes and sobs at the fact that she has to cram for an exam tomorrow. After having a fantasy about helping Chrissy study for the exam and getting her all to himself, Quick hesitantly tries to offer Chrissy assistance in her studies; however, Skye finally and directly tells Chrissy that Quick can help her with her class. Several hours of tutoring cause Chrissy to crash just as Quick blurted out that he would like to date her.

During class the next day, Trevor, a student teacher, insist that Chrissy stay after class to receive her test results. To Chrissy’s surprise, she receives a perfect score on the test. Trevor asks Chrissy out for a cup of coffee, which she accepts. Quick senses something wrong and shivers.

Back at the apartment, Chrissy shows her perfect score to Reiko, resulting in Reiko licking her. Reiko is surprised to hear that Chrissy has a date with the teacher, egging her on that it is a date and that Quick had a crush on her. Chrissy becomes flustered as she thought that she scared him away after the whole shower incident. Upon learning that Chrissy has a date from Quick, Skye calls upon a friend. Raven, a sister to one of Skye’s many friends, arrives and is utterly shocked to see great seats to the Dante Maximum concert, commenting that these are getting laid seats.

During her date with Trevor, Chrissy imagines Quick talking to a Chrissy pillow. Realizing that Chrissy has someone else on her mind, Trevor offers to take her home. While waiting outside, Chrissy spots Quick with Raven on his motorcycle. Frustrated, Chrissy continues her date with Trevor. Later that night, Trevor offers to take Chrissy home; however, she states that this isn’t necessary and offers to pay for the coffee. Trevor refuses, kissing Chrissy instead. Pondering why she was so jealous, Chrissy enters her apartment and immediately heads back out, flustered at walking in on Reiko and Skye’s love making. Reiko changes her frontal hair color to black. Quick finally returns home. Raven kisses Quick goodnight before heading home. While Quick heads inside thinking about Raven’s kiss, he runs into Chrissy and knocks all her laundry out of her hands. Chrissy apologizes for her actions. Quick tries to confess his feelings for Chrissy. Unfortunately, Skye interrupts and freaks them both out.

Arc 2 (Page 34 through Page 57)[edit]

Jazmin, Reiko’s younger sister, arrives with Jabby at the airport. Jazmin is determined to defeat Reiko, ignoring Jabby’s counsel. Jazmin instructs Jabby to find Reiko while she breaks in her new credit card. Looking through one of the classroom windows, Jabby finds Reiko; however, he is quickly smooshed as the door slams open for the next class. Zoey finds Jabby and starts to beat him with her backpack. Reiko recognizes Jabby, demands answers, and then tosses him away after he rests his head on her chest. Reiko leaves to meet up with Jazmin. Reiko finds Jazmin drinking in the mall cafeteria next to a complete stranger, who hands Reiko a $300 bill for all the food and drinks Jazmin ordered. Realizing that Jazmin is here to challenge her, Reiko agrees to fight. Jazmin quickly paralyzes Reiko. To Jazmin’s surprise, Reiko paralyzes her. Skye arrives and sees Reiko and Jazmin fighting. Skye assists Jazmin out of her paralysis, causing her to slap him for touching her buttocks.

Back at college, Zoey playfully teases Quick about his date with Raven in front of Chrissy, causing her to run away. Chrissy takes a moment to think about her actions before realizing that she is late for work. Azubah smacks Chrissy in the head with a paper, hands her fliers to pass out, and asks where Reiko is. Reiko and Jazmin continue their fight with Skye selling tickets to the show. Reiko defeats Jazmin. Frustrated with Jazmin and Skye’s perversion, Jazmin wonders where Jabby is, who seems to be hiding behind one of the many plants at the mall. For losing the fight, Jazmin whispers that Reiko is the most bunnylicious ninja in the world. Refusing to say it out loud again, Jazmin must buy dinner.

While walking away, Jazmin suddenly succumbs from fighting fatigue and collapses. Fortunately, Quick was there to catch her. While Quick helps Jazmin out, Azubah orders Chrissy to give them a flier. Realizing that Chrissy is near, Quick tosses Jazmin into the bushes and tries to coolly play off not seeing a couple. Quick then tries to explain to Chrissy about what Zoey said and about his date with Raven; however, Chrissy has to attend to a customer question. Upon hearing Jazmin scream, Quick realizes that he is in so much trouble. Reiko arrives to save the day and to properly introduce him to her sister. When Chrissy returns, Quick tries his best to ask her out but becomes incredibly nervous, quickly saying his sentence too fast for her to understand. Reiko steps in and tells Chrissy that Quick would like her to come to the beach with him and the others during the three day weekend for fun in the sun and ice cream. Jazmin invites herself and grabs Chrissy for assistance in picking out her swimwear attire. Before leaving the mall, Jabby senses something but ignores it. Two ninjas lurk in the shadows.

Arc 3 (Page 58 through Page 91)[edit]

Raven calls up Quick to see what he is doing and invites him over to her apartment. Quick declines as he has to pack his stuff for the beach trip and to study for those finals. At the beach, Skye ask Quick where he stands with Chrissy. Quick knows that there is something there. Quick immediately heads into the ocean upon seeing Chrissy in her bikini. Chrissy ask Jazmin to join her in tossing the beach ball around in the ocean; however, Jazmin declines. Reiko reveals that Jazmin can’t swim and forcefully takes off Jazmin’s t-shirt. Reiko asks the Quick and Skye what they think about Jazmin’s body. Both men agree to a 9 score and say that it will go up to 10 if she gets naked, infuriating Jazmin to the point where she launches both of them into the ocean. Jazmin scolds Reiko and Chrissy for having their respective men disrespect her. Chrissy blushingly states that Quick isn’t her boyfriend, sparking Reiko’s curiosity as to whether they had relations yet. Chrissy reveals that she is still concerned about Raven and the fact that she never knows what to say to Quick. Jazmin disses all men, stating that they are only after one thing. Reiko takes this as a hint that Jazmin has become bisexual, which she adamantly denies.

Trevor arrives at the beach, mentioning that he was on break too and was flattered that she remembered him as he was afraid that kiss scared her off. Trevor invites Chrissy to visit his beach house. To protect her, Reiko invites herself, Quick, and Skye. Trevor politely introduces himself to Skye Roarx and compliments him on become Team 7 MMA Wrestling Champion. Trevor intentionally disses Quick’s moped and for being poor. Skye tries to come to his defense, but Quick punches him to be quite. While watching Trevor try to hit on Chrissy, two complete strangers approach Quick and advise him to be more assertive. At Trevor’s beach house, Trevor asks Chrissy to spend the night with him. Furious, Quick slaps Trevor’s hands away from Chrissy and proclaims that she is there with him. Trevor backs down.

Back at the beach, Jazmin tries to teach herself how to swim while frustrated over the fact that everyone supposedly ditch her. Jamzin senses a kunai approaching her and catches it. Mitzu appears and introduces herself. Mitzu tells Jazmin that her client hired her to track her down and gave him a photograph to accelerate the hunt. Reiko also encounters Yuriko; however, she knocks herself out. While Reiko and the others consider what to do about Mitzu and Yuriko, Chrissy hears Jazmin screaming in terror. Jazmin declares that she will defeat the Mitzu unarmed and insist that she tells her client to leave her and Reiko alone. Mitzu pulls out a sword from between her boobs. Jazmin uses her card technique to paralyze Mitzu. When the others arrive, Reiko proposes that they take Mitzu and Yuriko skinny dipping. Jazmin scolds Reiko for this and terrifies her with the recovered photograph.

Despite Jazmin and Reiko quickly packing and pushing the others out of the beach area, Mitzu announces Reginald Graves’s, a photographer and her client, arrival. During Reiko and Jazmin’s confrontation with Reginald, Chrissy picks up the photograph and becomes utterly terrified. Before Quick and Skye could see the photography, Jazmin punches them away. Reiko and Jazmin refuse to sign a contract that would release their rights to said photograph to Reginald. Cocky, Reginald shouts that the photograph contains a lewd image of Reiko and Jazmin drunkenly making out. Skye demands a huge poster of the deemed bunny twister. Reiko continues to tell Reginald to back off, stating that he can drag her name through the mud but not her sister’s name. Quick tears up the contract under the guise that he is in fact a future pimp, refusing to have his women slandered like that. Quick makes the mistake of slapping Jazmin’s buttocks, landing him the back of an ambulance.

Several days later, Reiko and an apologetic Jazmin visit Quick recovering in the hospital, who now has a twisted ankle. After Reiko eggs her on, Chrissy finally enters Quick’s room and showcases her new haircut. Reiko tells the group not to worry about Reginald as she sent him to the Blue Oyster for a special dinner. With Reiko and Jazmin leaving the room, Chrissy thanks Quick for dealing with Trevor. Quick initially tries to play it off cool; however, Chrissy reveals that Reiko told her about the whole riding the Swiss Alps pickup line he used on her during that tutoring session. While helping him across the room, Quick spins Chrissy around against the glass window. Chrissy and Quick finally kiss. Chrissy breaks off the kiss, fearing that Quick and Raven are already a couple. Despite his belief that he is simply friends with Raven, Chrissy insists that Quick make certain of this before they continue. Quick instant messages all this to Ravin, a good friend of his.

Arc 4 (Page 92 through Page 119)[edit]

Pondering in his chair, Quick decides to confront Raven. Quick heads to Raven’s apartment with his goal in mind; however, Quick acts flustered upon seeing Raven in her outfit while requesting his help. Quick helps her defeat a powerful enemy in World of Warcraft. Raven’s curves surprise Quick. Unable to communicate with Raven directly, Quick logs into the game server to try and chat with her only to have a rogue instantly kill him. Later that night, Quick tries to tell Raven that he’s seeing Chrissy. Unable to tell her quickly, Raven tries to seduce Quick. Raven’s roommate interrupts Raven’s fun and saves Quick form making a big mistake.

While Quick is off at Raven’s apartment, Reiko teases Chrissy about Quick possibly going to see Raven for some relations. Blushing over Reiko hinting that Chrissy already had relations with Quick, Chrissy quickly answers the door. Jolty hugs Chrissy, smothering her against her breasts. Returning back to Quick’s apartment, Skye comes out of the shower and notices Jolty’s large rack. Skye is sad whenever Reiko beat him to Jolty’s invitation to massage her rack. Jolty explains that she came on by to see if Reiko would help her taste her curry, who is more than willing to do so. Hungry for sweet carrots, Jazmin comes out and sees Jolty putting the final touches on her curry. Skye and Jazmin couldn’t handle the curry; however, Reiko manages to do so with ease thanks to her iron stomach. Before leaving, Jolty warns them all that the sauce primarily consists of tomato vodka. Chrissy becomes slightly tipsy.

Thankful that nothing happened at Raven’s place, Quick heads home with a rather flirtatious Chrissy leaping into his lap. Before heading off to help Skye tuck Jazmin in for bed, Reiko tells Quick to not ruffle Chrissy, who is taking off her clothes, up too much. After tucking Jazmin in her own bed, Reiko and Skye head into their room to have relations. Clearly drunk, Chrissy orders a hesitant Quick to come to his bed for some loving.

The next morning, Zoey comes over to see what all the noise was about. Reiko jokingly replies that she and Jazmin were bonding like sisters. Unable to recall what happened last night, Chrissy comes out of Quick’s bedroom in utter shock. Realizing that she is sore all over, Chrissy concludes that she had relations with Quick. At Jenny’s, Ravin and Skye try to coax Quick into divulging some details about last night, which he refuses to do so. Jabby appears and tells Skye to check out Brass’s buttocks. For those insults, Brass beats up Quick, Skye, and Ravin. Ravin manages to still score Brass’s number. Back at the apartment, Reiko and Zoey try to cheer Chrissy up, who is afraid that she gave Quick a bad impression. Jazmine opens the door, believing that it is the guys returning with food; however, it’s Raven, who came on by to return Quick’s jacket. Tensions start to flare between Chrissy and Raven.

Skye convinces Quick that he needs to be upfront with Chrissy, which he agrees with. Walking back to the apartment, Skye and Quick encounter Raven. Raven glares and cries at Quick and slaps him across the face before walking away. Flabbergasted, Quick heads up to his apartment and walks in on Reiko trying to calm Chrissy down; however, she doesn’t want to hear it and heads off crying. Jazmin stares angrily at Quick. Reiko pleads with Quick to talk to Chrissy so that she can aid Skye in taking care of Jazmin’s rage. Quick, on the other hand, wants Reiko to let Chrissy go as she doesn’t want to talk about it. Quick’s comment infuriates Chrissy and now has the courage to yell at Quick for all his lies about getting serious with her, messing around with Raven, and banging her while drunk. Aware of the mess Chrissy just put herself in, Reiko departs to give them some time alone and to help Skype out with Jazmin, who reluctantly agrees to but out of their affair for now. Quick calmly explains to Chrissy that he actually went over to Raven’s house to break it off and confesses his love for Chrissy. Quick asks Chrissy out on a date tonight. Zoey and Ravin listen in on this from the other side of a wall.

That night, Quick takes Chrissy out to a fancy restaurant. Raven is also there with a Southern gentleman despite wanting to be with Quick instead. Raven actually spots Quick at another table with Chrissy and confronts the both of them, interrupting their discussion about the high prices here and what really happened last night when she was drunk. To diffuse the potential cat fight, Quick confronts Raven and tells her that he is in love with Chrissy and not her. As Chrissy and Quick leave, Raven swears revenge against Chrissy for getting in the way. Quick tries to lighten up the mood with a limo ride, but Chrissy pressures Quick into divulging the details of what actually occurred last night. Quick admits that he thought about letting go and having his way with Chrissy but ultimately decided against it. Quick’s rejection causes Chrissy to aggressively attack him, forcing her way on top of him. Chrissy’s knee hit Quick square in the nuts, killing the mood. In her drunken delight, Chrissy fell off the bed. With the limo ride nearly over, Chrissy decides make out with Quick before taking him into the bedroom for relations. Prior to the end of the night, Chrissy contacts her cousin for a background check on Quick. Reiko uses her cosmetic skills to transform Skye’s hair and fur color.

Arc 5 (Page 120 through Page 136)[edit]

Liona McGraw arrives at the college, stunning every. Ravin attempts to hit on her but a crowd quickly subdues him. Liona is overly excited about meeting Raven and attending Fawnavere District College while Raven could personally care less about all this. After Raven assists Liona in signing up for classes, Liona encounters Quick and immediately hugs and kisses him in front of Chrissy and Raven. Chrissy assumes that Liona is one of Raven’s flunky, which she adamantly denies. Quick does his best to diffuse the situation but fails miserable upon learning that Liona is now attending this college and has a class with him. Liona invites everyone to help her move into her room in the student housing apartment.

At Liona’s apartment, Quick gently moves Liona’s stuff, Raven agrees to hook up the entertainment system, and Liona excuses herself and showers off. Raven contacts Trevor in regards to an arrangement they had with each other. Jealous that Quick didn’t tell Liona off, Chrissy confronts Liona about her relationship with Quick. Chrissy becomes rather furious over Liona not hearing her over her drying session, finally losing it and shouting at her to leave Quick alone, who just so happens to pop his head inside the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Reiko wakes Jazmin up and tells her that she now has a job at PvN Entertainment. Jazmin initially takes this as an opportunity to practice her camouflage and infiltration techniques; however, her attitude changes when she realizes that her job requires her to wear skimpy outfits. Jazmin tries to back out of this but is unable to since several male customers now surround the building anxiously waiting for the doors to open. Despite being overly whiny about the uniforms and trying to not beat up the customers, Jazmin does considerable well in profits compared to Reiko, who calls foul on Azubah.

Back at Liona’s apartment, Quick commonly explains to Liona that he is now in a relationship with Chrissy. Chrissy forgives Liona for not know this, causing Liona to hug her and invite all of them to dinner. Raven declines the invitation. Driving fiercely through the streets, Liona asks Chrissy and Quick on places to eat around here but ends up heading to PvN Entertainment. Surprised with the massive crowd, Chrissy recommends that they all try the cake since none of them have actually ever eaten here before today. Chrissy, Quick, and Liona enter the scene to find Reiko in a new and vey skimpy mummy outfit and Jazmin standing on the walkway showcasing their uniforms. Reiko ties to convince Chrissy to hurry up and change into a new uniform while Chrissy begs her to put on some actual clothes. Jazmin tells Reiko that she plans on calling their mother about this. Jazmin holds that thought and slaps Quick for looking at her panties. Skye arrives to see everything going on and finally meet Liona. Before they could catch up, Skye drags Jazmin and Reiko to the back and has some harsh words for the both of them. Jazmin takes Skye’s speech to heart; however, Reiko is rather defiant and reveals that she is jealous of Jazmin is better when it came to the shop and ninja skills and how her father spent so much time with her. Chrissy becomes furious with Quick with him looking at Jazmin’s booty and the discovery that Liona is Skye’s cousin. Chrissy decides to work overtime after all, blowing Quick off.

After Chrissy’s shift ends, Quick accompanies her home. On the way home, one of Chrissy’s patrons tries to pick her up, causing Quick to come to her defense. Chrissy stops Quick from doing anything stupid. Once home, Chrissy finds an urgent package addressed to her. Quick tries to lighten the mood with a zombie flick and some popcorn; however, Chrissy goes ballistic on him for keeping her in the dark about his immense wealth that she discovered through Eliza’s background check on him. Caught off guard with that revelation, Chrissy and Quick continue their fight until she finally breaks off their relationship.

Arc 6 (Page 137 through Page 154)[edit]

The next morning, Zoey contacts Reiko regarding all the fighting from the previous arc. Zoey reveals that Chrissy is currently staying with her. Chrissy confines in Zoey that she made a terrible mistake in not asking Quick directly about his past. Zoey does her best in trying to comfort her before they both head off to class. Chrissy decides to wait for Quick at the end of his class. Realizing that Quick wasn’t in class and doubting how to handle all this, Chrissy runs off with Trevor and Raven. Trevor gloats over the fact that his plan of sending that one patron at the PvN Entertainment to hit on Chrissy caused them to end their relationship.

At PvN Entertainment, Chrissy continues to pout over this whole mess and begs Zoey for some advice. Reiko arrives and offers her advice, which scares Chrissy. After their shift ends, Reiko, Jazmin, and Zoey help Chrissy prepare a home cook meal for Quick. Jazmin tries Chrissy’s first dish and chokes on it. After five additional dishes, Jazmin, Reiko, and Zoey pass out from disgust. Delighted with the fact that she has it right on the sixth try, Chrissy comes out with a plate of egg rolls only to drop it at Cody’s arrival. Cody begins to taunt Chrissy. Before Cody could do anything serious, Reiko and Jazmin warn him to leave.

While all this is going on and worried about Quick, Skye took him to Ravin to see if he could help snap him out of this funk. Ravin proposes the Six Sacred Laws of Ravinism. Through a series of womanizing antics, Ravin reveals the Six Sacred Laws of Ravinism that end with them heading to a strip club.

While leaving from an autograph signing, Liona spots Skye and Ravin taking Quick back into a strip club and contacts Chrissy. Inside the strip club, Ravin introduces Quick and Skye to Tani and her bounty. Just outside the strip club, Liona meets up with Chrissy and the others. Reiko is quite furious at Skye for not bringing her along. Quick heads out to the bar and talks to the bartender, who suggests that he finds his lady and talk to her about all this. Chrissy finally reunites with Quick and apologizes for all of her actions and decide they need to talk. Despite Tani’s warning, Reiko confronts a terrified Skye about all this. Skye shifts blame over to Ravin as he has to deal with an enraged Zoey over the phone. As punishment, Reiko forces Skye to watch her do a double team, no touching show with Tani. Outside, Ravin overhears Cody thankfully gloating to his retainer for finding Chrissy and how he’s going to teach her some manners and slugs him in the face. Once they hug it out, Chrissy offers Quick a box lunch that she prepared. Sadly, the meal lands Quick right in the hospital.

Arc 7 (Page 155 through Page 179 [Sweet Dreams])[edit]

While skating down the street, Sahara bumps into Skye and immediately recognizes him. Eager, Sahara opens up her top for signatures, which he and Reiko are more than happy to sign. Reiko continues to playfully tease Sahara and drags her along for the day.

Chrissy finally divulges her past to Quick and how she knows Cody. In her past, Cody was actually a kind person, especially towards Chrissy. Cody changed whenever his father won the lottery. Everyone’s praise and desire to be his friend inflated Cody’s ego. All of Chrissy’s friends abandoned her after they warned her that she should break it off with him but didn’t. Cody showered Chrissy with all kinds of gifts as proof of his loyalty to her. During their senior prom, Chrissy found Cody having relations with Amanda. Chrissy broke up with him and obtained a part time job so that she could earn some money for college. Cody found out about her job and begged her to come back to him, inviting her to a get together with his folks. Chrissy accepted the invitation despite Rally’s warnings. Concerned for her safety, Rally contacted Eliza and explained everything that happened. Cody invited Chrissy in and showed her to a buddy of his. Chrissy tried to leave when she realized that Cody was offering her up for relations, smacking Cody right in the face when he refused to let her go. Furious, Cody beat her and told her that she was nothing more than his property. Sadly, Cody did this right in front of Eliza, who went ballistic on Cody.

When Chrissy finishes her story, Quick asks her about them. Chrissy really does care about Quick; however, she decides to end it in favor of focusing in on her college studies as she is still too emotionally damaged to handle a serious relationship. Reiko appears with Sahara to see how Chrissy and Quick are doing. Reiko notices something wrong with Quick and confronts Chrissy about it. Chrissy also tells Reiko everything about her past and how they are taking a small break. Reiko warns Chrissy that telling Quick to wait isn’t the best idea since other women are interested in him, such as Ravin who happens to jump out of the bushes.

After class, Quick heads off to the police station with Zoey to bail Ravin out. Ravin thanks Quick for the funds and learns that Quick will wait for Chrissy. This revelation infuriates Ravin as he spent time in prison for defending Chrissy’s honor only to have her break it off with Quick. Quick thought about sticking around to talk to Cody but decided not to when Ravin told him about Eliza taking Cody somewhere special to teach him the law again.

Jabby interrupts Jazmin during her shower about an urgent phone call from her mother. Jazmin contacts Kyoko, her mother. Kyoko tells Jazmin the news that the family that recently donated funds to the academy has a son that just graduated from high school. Furious, Jazmin shoots Kyoko down on the offer. Kyoko finally reveals that she simply wants grandchildren. Jazmin becomes rather distort over Kyoko’s request for grandchildren, thinking about how her dating life hasn’t gone well thanks to Reiko’s boobs and being considered a prude.

Jazmin arrives at Riley’s Bar and Grill and joins Reiko, Quick, Skye, and Sahara for Quick’s Zone Party. Seeing Jazmin upset about Kyoko, Reiko offers her a drink and an ear. Jazmin notices Quick all down in the dumps. Reiko playfully teases with Jazmin that she should hook up with him to solve all her issues. Completely drunk, Jazmin accepts the challenge, providing Reiko an opportunity to have some fun with her and Quick. Quick takes Jazmin outside for some fresh air and bottle water to slightly cure her drunken state. Quick tries to reassure Jazmin that he isn’t afraid of him but becomes conflicted whenever she tries to ask him out. Taking his reluctance as a no, Quick quickly comforts Jazmin, stating that she is way out of his league. While walking home, Jazmin talks to Quick on how she is sick and tired of living in Reiko’s shadows and being told what to do, which Quick can surprisingly relate to on some level. Quick and Jazmin nearly escape a game of Strip Twister with Reiko and Skye. Quick and Jazmin finally arrive at her apartment. Before heading out, Jazmin kisses Quick. Jazmin becomes distracted with Jabby watching them kiss. Terrified with all this plus the kunai Jazmin tosses, Quick heads out. Flustered, Jazmin heads off to bed to cool down only to have a dream about Quick wanting to have children with her and receiving Kyoko and Reiko’s praise.

Arc 8 (Page 180 [Script Problems] through Page 192 [Friends Are There])[edit]

Liona meets with Phil, a director, regarding several relation scenes and girl on girl actions in her movie. Denied a stunt double, Liona decides to practice these scenes with Chrissy, who initially decides she would not be the best fit since her love life is on the fritz but ends up getting roped into this. Liona has no luck with Chrissy, who suggests Reiko would be a better fit. Liona believes that would be weird since she may one day be family. Reiko’s sexy senses tingle and she immediately rushes to Chrissy’s apartment right in the middle of Liona’s rehearsal. Afraid, Chrissy quickly kisses Liona and tries to escape. Not impressed with the display, Reiko offers some pointers. With these notes in hand, Liona decides it best to do this scene in the proper attire. Bringing Liona’s notes for today’s class, Quick walks in and passes out at the sight of Chrissy, Liona, and Reiko wearing nothing but panties.

Quick wakes up on Chrissy’s lap and tells Skye he saw something glorious and failed to capture it on his phone. Nick, Liona’s bodyguard, arrives to take out the trash but changes his tune once he sees Skye, who he hasn’t seen since the academy days. Acting rather bashful, Reiko hides behind a door until Skye drags her out. Still bashful, Reiko quickly excuses herself. Chrissy is quite impressed with Nick’s skills and demands him to teach her his secret. After everyone leaves Liona’s apartment, Liona and Nick make out until Chrissy comes back for her books. Scared, Liona explains that she is trying to keep her relation with Nick on the down low to avoid jeopardizing both of their careers and the paparazzi. Chrissy suggests that Liona should opt out of the movie if she doesn’t feel comfortable with the love scenes.

The next day, Chrissy finishes a tennis game when Liona comes running in on news that the movie is on hold pending a rewrite due to the other actress getting cold feet about the girl on girl scene. Raven suddenly emerges from the bushes whenever Liona playfully teases Chrissy about more practices. Turns out Raven is only here to rub her date with Quick in Chrissy’s face. Quick comes running in and tells Raven to bring her controller for the Fight Fighter 4 Tournament, clearing up the fact that Raven doesn’t have a date with Quick.

After hitting the showers, Chrissy finds Reiko contemplating on the edge of her bed. Chrissy tries to comfort Reiko, offering her an ear if she ever needs someone to talk to about anything. Sadly, this provides Reiko an opportunity to grope Chrissy.

Arc 9 (Page 193 [The Champ Is Here] through Page 247 [Waiting])[edit]

Interrupted with teams bashing the controllers, Naomi, the announcer, introduces the crowd to the final round of Fight Fighter IV Chaos Tournament and to Sahara, last year’s champion. Quick recognizes Sahara from the Friend Zone Party, causing her to quickly retreat before Reiko arrives. Upset with Quick over the fact that he didn’t ask her out on a date, Raven punches him in the shoulder; however, she forgives him for being so cute and takes out her remaining frustration on all her competitors.

Chrissy, Reiko, Skye, and Jazmin arrive at the tournament, with Reiko and Skye bugging Chrissy about her jealousy over Quick and Raven and angering Jazmin with a skimpy academy uniform. Jazmin storms off and accidentally bumps into Mitzu. Hearing that Reiko and Jazmin would be here, Mitzu challenges Reiko to a fight. Mitzu grabs for her sword but can’t find it as Reiko has already taken it and her bra. A crowd of random people start to praise Mitzu and her .curvy body. After the skirmish, Jazmin tries to tell Reiko something important; however, Liona interrupts her and invites everyone to a hot spring resort curtesy of her director. Liona also invites Raven, who is in the middle of a cat fight with Chrissy.

At the hot springs, Raven realizes that she is outmatched in the chest region compared to the other women. Reiko encourages Raven to take off her towel. In the men’s hot springs, Ravin tries to encourage Quick and Nick to spy on the women; however, Reiko, sticking her head over the fence to spy on them, already beat him to the punch. With all the men hiding under the water, Skye offers to showcase his good for Reiko, terrifying all the men and impressing Raven. To liven up Chrissy, Reiko tells Skye that it’s time for Operation Squirrel Toss, which is nothing more than Skye throwing Quick over the fence. Unfortunately, Quick lands right on top of Jazmin, causing him to freak out since he knows that this would greatly upset her.

Inside room, Reiko and Liona look at Quick’s massive hand bruise on his face that Jazmin gave him. As a means to make amends for her rash actions, Jazmin offers Quick a full body massage. After joking about a full body massage and opting for a shoulder rub instead, Jazmin takes Quick to a separate room and apologizes for stealing the kiss from the previous arc. Quick brushes it off as a surprise and accident while Jazmin hints that the next time might not be an accident, revealing that she has feelings for him. Outside, Chrissy sits quietly until Raven offers her a soda while she clutches and drinks the alcohol for herself. Getting a little more sober, Raven finally throws in the towel with Quick upon realizing that there is just too much competition in her way. Raven also scolds Chrissy for leading him on despite her insistence that they are taking a break. To prove her point, Raven lies to Chrissy about sleeping with Quick last night.

Worried for Liona, Reiko goes off looking for her and finds her and Nick together. Liona reveals that she was actually canned on the project for not doing the perverted love scene and brought them all here for an apology. Nick encourages Liona to tell her friends about all this and about them as a couple. Nick is rather frustrated with the fact that they have to keep their relationship a secret and wants intimate time with her. Reiko offers intelligence on some key spots for them to fool around if they agree to allow her to watch, thus killing the mood completely. Joking, Reiko apologizes to Nick for avoiding him in Liona’s apartment, causing Liona to become slightly jealous. Once Nick leaves, Liona asks Reiko to please tell her more about his past and what happened between them.

Back in her days at the academy, Reiko had a friends with benefits relationship with Nick. When Skye finally entered the picture, Hamanda Kaiju, Reiko’s rival, saw this as an opportunity to turn Nick on Reiko. When that didn’t work, Hamada tricked Reiko into believing that she killed Nick and Skye, triggering Reiko’s demon form. Nick escaped with Skye to join Kyoko in her battle with Reiko. After Hamanda fled the battle, it feel on Kyoko and Nick to stop Reiko. Nick tried to grab Reiko from behind and knock her out, but she snapped both his arms. Realizing she had no choice in the matter, Kyoko sealed Reiko’s power away. Once the doctors took a look at both of them, they determined that Reiko was perfectly fine while Nick’s arms were too severely broken to finish the program. Unsure if the demon would ever escape again, Reiko left with Skye to the west after graduating from the academy.

With everything happening on his mind, Quick heads off to his room and ponders about Reiko’s previous advice until Ravin, excited for Quick and his Casanova persona, gloats about the women fighting for him. Despite being her friend, Skye tells Quick that he should play the field more. Motivated, Quick announces that he plans to ask Jazmin out and doesn’t care if Chrissy sees him doing it or not. Ironically, Quick freezes whenever he sees Chrissy and Raven outside his door, with the latter ordering him to make sandwiches for the both of them. After preparing the sandwiches, Quick and Chrissy head to a separate room to talk privately. Hearing everything Quick said, Chrissy admits that she made a mistake asking him to wait and promises not to get in his way. Before leaving, Quick states that sometimes getting in the way is the best move. Chrissy hug grabs Quick, stopping him from leaving and apologizing for being selfish and scared. Confessing his love for her and promising that he would never change, Quick leans in to kiss Chrissy but is interrupted when he hears someone calling him by his full, legal name.

With the mood ruined, Quick answers the door and introduces Jenny, his older sister. During her congratulates for Quick being a potential pimp, Jen bumps into Skye again and immediately fondles over him. Skye tells Jen that she was only a one time fling, which she immediately denies with her firm booty. Jen’s booty dance causes Reiko to appear form the shadows. Not at all surprised with Jen’s advances over Skye, Reiko tricks her into a buddy moment, which she quickly catches onto. Ken and Gloria, Quick’s parents, finally arrive and take him to another room for a private conversation. While balancing the books, Ken notices Quick spending too much money on non-school activities and tells him that his money cards have been revoked that the he is to find a job immediately to support himself until graduation. Ken also threatens to take Quick’s room and board away if he doesn’t attend a job interview tomorrow. Ken also mentions that he needs Quick to come meet an important client tomorrow too. Noticing Quick’s reluctance, Gloria asks Ken to wait for him in the car while she talks to him. Gloria tells Quick that Ken is in one of his “children aren’t appreciative moods” and comments that his harem of women didn’t help his case. Comparing Quick’s antics to their time in college, Gloria asks which woman he’s really date. Quick responds with the woman with the eye mark, resulting in a confusion between Jazmin and Chrissy.

Meanwhile, Chrissy knocks herself out while daydreaming about meeting Quick’s parents and making out with him. Raven realizes that Quick and Chrissy are back together again. Rather than fret about it, Raven invites Chrissy out to for breakfast. At the restaurant, Chrissy bumps into Jazmin and decides to tell her about Quick and her instead of dragging it out to Raven’s delight. Jazmin becomes rather irate at Chrissy for toying Quick along and promises that Chrissy will not get a second chance to get him back.

Jen hits on Skye yet again, providing Reiko an opportunity to hit on her. Jen passes Reiko’s offer, arrogantly stating that her body is bred from perfection. This does not stop Reiko from continuing to flirt with her. Ravin tries to convince Skye to give him Jen’s number, mentioning that he and Zoey are taking a break since she’s on a Paris expedition for nine months. Quick scuffles Jen’s attempt to comfort him, teasing her about how easy it is for her as businesses pay her to model their bikinis. Jen beats Quick up for dismissing her career like that.

In the morning, Quick breaks the news to Naomi that he has to forfeit his place for family issues. Ravin teams up with Raven and Chrissy in Quick’s place. At the tournament, Chrissy picks Delrio, the worse fighter ever. Lacking faith in Chrissy, Raven tells Chrissy to fall behind Ravin while she does all the work. Ravin gets KO’ed because he was to distracted with the bouncing boobs. Raven also gets KO’ed because she was too distracted with Chrissy’s combos to dodge her opponent’s attacks.

Despite being cutoff, Quick is looking on the bright side of things until Jazmin arrives. Quick tries to apologize to Jazmin for everything that happened, but Jazmin accepts the fact that he still had a thing for Chrissy. Before they could continue their conversation, Kyoko calls Jazmin and asks her to meet her across town. Heading that way himself, Quick offers Jazmin a ride. Quick and Jazmin zoom pass Chrissy and Raven, who just came out of the tournament area after losing the final round and immediately assume the worse. Quick and Jazmin arrive at the second branch and home of Kyoko’s academy. Kyoko greets the both of them, surprising Quick with her body and upsetting Jazmin about Quick being the guy knocking her up. Gloria and Ken also greet the both of them.

Surprised to see them, Ken tells Quick that the topic of children came up during one of their meetings and that they recognize Jazmin from the hot springs. Realizing that everyone here has made the wrong assumption, Quick tries to clear this up but is caught off guard whenever Gloria decides to inspect Jazmin’s hips. Outraged, Jazmin tries to explain to Gloria and Kyoko that she is simply friends with Quick but has no luck. Quick manages to contact Chrissy for a short call before the signal is lost, causing Chrissy to become even more concern about Quick. To calm Chrissy down, Reiko tries calling again, Jenny offers Chrissy encouragement about feeling a little jealous, and Raven manages to hack the surrounding hot spots to get a clear signal. Once on the phone, Quick explains the whole situation to Chrissy, and before he can answer Chrissy’s question about his feelings for Jazmin, Gloria interrupts the conversation and offers Chrissy, who she believes to be her son’s mistress, some pointers for the bedroom.

Sobering up, Gloria pushes Quick off for him to smooth things over with Jazmin. Quick walks in on Jazmin training with a punching bag, nearly missing an opportunity to see Jazmin’s curves. Jazmin is still furious with Quick for playing with her emotions and possibly two timing her and Chrissy. While apologizing for the misunderstanding, Quick jumps at the sound of lightning, causing Jazmin to laugh at his surprise. Jazmin forgives Quick and falls asleep against him. While Jazmin falls asleep, Quick confesses that he would’ve fallen hard in love with her if he never met Chrissy. Quick finally heads back to the apartment and embraces Chrissy, who apologizes and promises to make things up with him.

Arc 10 (Page 248 [Hork] through Page 273 [When She Smiles])[edit]

Chrissy meets up with Liona after leaving class to head to the mall. Liona is so excited about receiving a new acting role that she throws up. With the help of one of Charley’s employees, Chrissy manages to take Liona inside to cool down. Liona mentions that she has been rather sick as of late. Pondering about this, Chrissy inquires how often Liona and Nick have relations, the number surprising her. Chrissy encourages Liona to take a pregnancy test to verify this just as Quick comes walking by in a suit for his interview. Trevor arrives to ruin Quicks mood. After Chrissy leaves with Liona, Trevor demands to know how Quick won Chrissy’s affections and falsely assumes that it had something to do with his wealth. Before the confrontation escalates, Jenny arrives to take Quick to his job interview. Infatuated with Jenny, Trevor quickly plays nice and offers to accompany Quick to his interview and to take them to lunch.

Surviving Jenny’s driving, Quick reaches the KB Building and stares in awe of the building. Inside, Quick meets Roxanne, a secretary that prematurely congratulates him on getting the job. Confused, Quick walks to the director’s office for the interview and is completely caught off-guard upon seeing Jenny behind the desk. Jenny explains that she convinced their father for him to work as her assistant instead of being stuck in one of his main architecture firms. In addition, Jenny’s photographer quit and she knew Quick was skilled with a camera and photo editing skills. Quick’s job is to handle all modeling photography, which he immediately enjoys due to all the hot and partially nude women and then terrified upon the discovery that Jenny is in some of those shots. Quick meets Rally Ryder, one of Jenny’s top clients. Quick is rather excited since he’s a huge fan that has seen all of her movies.

Unsure of how to approach this, Chrissy and Liona enlist Raven’s help, who doesn’t see the need in that test after Liona has a sudden craven for peanut butter tacos. Liona comments that she knows that it’s too early for baby craving.

After a long day at work, Quick relishes in the fact that he got the job and has his dad off his back but becomes reprehensive about telling Chrissy about his job duties. Quick initially tries to brush it off as taking wild scenery; however, Reiko spoils the full details of his job of taking photographs of naked women. Annoyed with Quick and Chrissy fussing over this, Reiko volunteers to check out Quick’s job for Chrissy, who has to study for more tests and meet up with Liona and Raven.

The next day, Jenny gloats over the fact that she saved a ton in hiring Quick as her photographer. Rally and the other women interrupt Jenny with praise over Quick bringing in Reiko, mistaking her as his girlfriend. Reiko is taken in with all the high-tech equipment and would love to intern here. To test out the equipment before the initial shoots, Reiko offers to take some topless photographs for Skye’s birthday. Rally walks in and offers to join Reiko. Cooped up in her office as a means of avoiding Reiko, Jenny decides to head out and grab lunch but Reiko manages to sneak into her office and asks for an internship at her business. To smooth things over, Reiko offers her recent photographs for her portfolio.

Meanwhile, Chrissy’s mind is off worrying about Quick and his job. Raven tries to counsel Chrissy just as Liona comes out with news that she is in fact pregnant. Chrissy heads over to see Quick. Roxanne mistakes her as another model. With Roxanne deciding what would look best on Chrissy, Jenny walks out with Reiko hugging her for offering her a job as a model.

At lunch, Jenny tries to talk to Reiko about her job but is unable to get through to her as she is too distracted with Liona’s pregnancy. Chrissy is rather enthralled with babies, but she becomes surprised whenever Jenny mentions her having babies with Quick. Reiko is completely embarrassed when the baby topic turns to her and Skye. Quick heads to the same restaurant with Rally, who has his arm in a dating like manner around her body. Rally waves to Jenny and Reiko but ignores everyone upon seeing Chrissy. Chrissy and Rally start girl talking it up, providing Reiko an opportunity to disappear just after dropping the baby news on Quick. Misunderstanding the news, Quick assumes that Chrissy is in fact pregnant. Initially terrified with the news, Quick snaps out of it and decides to ask Chrissy to marry her; however, Jenny clears up the confusion about Liona having the baby, not Chrissy. With that out of the way, Quick asks Chrissy if she would like to go shopping.

Raven, Liona, and Jenny all playfully tease and encourage Chrissy over Quick almost proposing to her. Skye and Reiko cheer Quick up and congratulate him on dodging a major bullet. Quick thinks to himself about what he loves about her and what she loves about him.

Arc 11 (Page 274 [The Challenger] through Page 299 [Old Enough])[edit]

Sahara interviews Skye for his match tonight; however, Skye is simply here to cheer on his friend on in his division and to promote his organization, the Claw Club. Overly confident, Isabella Kane challenges Skye for the FNW Championship Belt. With fans and Reiko cheering Skye on to rip off her shirt, Skye manages to take Isabella down easily. Before the match could continue, Naomi declares the match a draw. Outraged, Isabella complains to her higher up only to be told that she must wait two months before she can challenge Skye. In the meantime, the higher up presents Isabella with a $50,000 check. Isabella meets up with Skye to gloat about the belt and runs into Reiko, her number one fan that drags her off to dinner with them. At dinner, Isabella turns down all of Skye’s advances. During the meal, Reiko and Isabella become drunk, which leads them to take off their clothes.

The next morning, Isabella wakes up to discover that she had relations with Reiko. Despite wanting to have relations with Reiko, Isabella becomes terrified with the possibility that her lesbianism would cause her organization to cancel her contract, which would mark the seventh contract to do so. Reiko goes off to apologize to Skye, who has been crying at the door the entire night and is now throwing a temper tantrum. Rather than grab a cold shower, Reiko relieves Skye’s stress.

After stepping out of the showers, Isabella begins to worry that Reiko forgot about her since she hasn’t heard from her in a while. Reiko suddenly calls and invites Isabella to come shopping with her for some new lingerie for a center fold for Jenny’s magazine. At the mall, Reiko runs into Liona. Excited for her pregnancy and having a small role in a movie, Liona introduces Reiko to Paige Creed, an actress that plays Female Hawke in Knuckle Up. To answer Reiko’s question regarding how the male counterpart works in Knuckle Up, Paige introduces her and the others to Keith Creed, Paige’s twin brother and the actor that plays Male Hawke in Knuckle Up. Paige busts Reiko’s fan fiction twin incest face; however, rather than be upset with her, Paige actually enjoys reading some of those fan fictions, including one that Reiko wrote. Paige is rather fascinated with Isabella since she is a huge mixed wrestling fan. While gloating about how she will beat Skye, Paige gropes Isabella to calm her down. After Liona, Keith, and Paige leave, Isabella asks Reiko if she has ever considered a more steady relationship rather than the open relationship she currently has with Skye.

At home, Isabella beats herself out in asking Reiko about a steady relationship outright and heads to the showers to clear her head. Thinking to herself in the showers, Isabella develops a plan. The next day, Isabella confronts Skye about his open relationship with Reiko in the men’s dressing room. Despite his argument that Reiko wants the open relationship and to wait, Isabella blurts out that she would like a more official relationship with Reiko in front of the higher up. Meeting up with Skye in the hallways, Isabella tells Skye that she has been suspended from in-ring action and her shot for the title. Isabella apologizes to Skye for thinking that he was the type of guy to string women along and uses her Issy-vision to Rule 63 Skye. Skye explains to Isabella that he actually proposed to Reiko before; however, Reiko said no as she has family issues she has to work out still. Reiko offered the open relationship idea just in case Skye found someone that he loves without her curse. Skye came close a couple of times, but he kept thinking of Reiko and backed out of them. After hearing this, Isabella feels kind of stupid for thinking that she could beat Skye in order to win Reiko’s affections just as Reiko drops on by on the two of them. Keeping their conversation to themselves, Rekio assumes that Skye convinced Isabella into a three-way, which she adamantly denies. Jenny arrives to check on Reiko and to remind her of the thong contest. Jenny insults Isabella’s height and age; however, rather than be furious, Isabella is actually turned on right now.

Arc 12 (Page 301 [Don’t Give Up] through Page [])[edit]

While talking to her daughter about dinner plans, Kyoko realizes that Jazmin, who has been staying at the new academy and home for two months now, is still thinking about Quick. Knowing that her daughter still has feelings for Quick, Kyoko encourages Jazmin to tell Quick her feelings and not to intentionally break Quick and Chrissy’s relationship. At the apartment, Jazmin knocks on the door and waits for someone to open it. After no one shows up, Jazmin lets herself in and see Quick ironing his clothing in his underwear while listening to some tunes on his headset. Putting on some clothes Quickly, Quick tells Jazmin that Chrissy went home for two weeks while he stays here to work on Jenny’s centerfold. Jazmin confesses that she still has feelings for Quick and that she heard what he said back in the dojo. Jazmin’s revelation and demands catch Quick off guard as he hesitates to answer her question about not having any feelings for her. Quick finally admits that he still has feelings for Jazmin. Satisfied, Jazmin invites Quick out for a day of fun.

Nervous about the whole hanging out with Jazmin, Quick confides in a customer while he waits for Jazmin to reveal her new, shorter hairstyle. Jazmin would like Quick to stop acting all nervous as she tells him that they’re heading off to train. At her home, Jazmin asks Kyoko for the key to the training grounds out back and shows off her new hairstyle. While Kyoko admits that Jazmin’s hairstyle is cute, she warns her that she lost the tugging aspect to making grandchildren. Jogging for a few hours, Quick’s energy starts to drain from all the heavy equipment that Kyoko told him to take, which embarrasses Jazmin. Upon hearing the news that Jazmin is with a guy up in the woods, Reiko comes barging into the dojo. Reiko reaches Jazmin and Quick only to see her on top of him. Shocked at this, Reiko tries to run back to her apartment to email Chrissy all this until Jazmin explains that she was trying to revive Quick after he passed out from dehydration. Reiko then teases Jazmin for not sneaking a peek at Quick’s package.

Meanwhile, Chrissy reunites with Fel at a restaurant in her home town. Fel playfully teases Chrissy for having Eliza do that background check on Quick. Fel is excited to head to Fawn U and plans on renting an apartment by herself since Petey, her ex-boyfriend, broke up with her three months ago for being fat. While walking to her house, Chrissy bumps into Josh, her childhood friend. Josh’s tallness catches Chrissy off-guard. Happy that not much has changed with Chrissy and Fel, Josh mentions that he is studying medicine overseas. Amanda interrupts the reunion with her rather abrasive attitude, hitting on Josh despite her high school hijinks that resulted in the entire football team giving him a swirly and fighting with Fel over her stealing Cody away from Chrissy. Before leaving, Amanda tells Chrissy not to worry too much about Cody as he couldn’t last more than three minutes in bed and to find a man that can last more than ten minutes in bed and slips Josh a nude photograph of herself.

Before heading to Chrissy’s house, she and Fel joke with Josh that he might end up falling for her mom, which he initially blows off. Ironically, Josh proposes to Jahida, Chrissy’s mom, upon seeing her. Chrissy soaks Josh with a ton of water to snap him out of his trance. Knowing that Chrissy is leaving to go back to college, Josh confesses his love for Chrissy. Wanting to hear something from her, Chrissy lets Josh know that she is already seeing someone. Josh accepts this as he waited too long to share his feelings for her. Chrissy’s father drops in on Chrissy and Josh hugging. Chrissy’s father asks Chrissy to help Jahida and Felicia deal with Amanda. With Chrissy gone, Chrissy’s father politely tells Josh to head home.

Inside the house, Jahida tells Chrissy that Amanda doesn’t wish to speak to anyone else buy Chrissy. Chrissy is rather shocked with this as she has not been friends with her for quite some time despite being the best of friends on the tennis club. Chrissy reluctantly agrees to speak to Amanda with her attitude changing immediately upon seeing Amanda’s bruise on her face. Chrissy offers Amanda a beverage and a cold press for her face. Chrissy does not gloat about seeing Amanda like this and asks what she did to hurt their friendship. Seeing as she has no one else to turn to, Amanda reveals that she is jealous of Chrissy’s home life and that her mother slapped her across the face after getting into an argument with her and that Cody only cared about her for a quick relationship outlet. Amanda then reveals that she has a job offer in the city and needs a place to stay for a couple of months. Amanda’s mother refuses to support her and all of her friends in the city refuse. Chirssy would be happy to but has no room left in her apartment. Chrissy proposes that she stays with Fel. Fel reluctantly agrees to house Amanda if she abides to a few ground rules.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Starting with the upper left image, Chrissy McCloud, Quinstopferson “Quick” Bourne, Zoey, Skylar “Skye” Roarx, Reiko Asagi, Anzo, Azubah, Trevor Rivera, Raven Fields, Jazmin Asagi, Jabby, Mitzu, Yuriko, Reginald Graves, Ravin, and Jolty.
Starting with the upper left image, Brass, Liona McGraw, Cody, Sahara, Eliza, Galvon, Rally Ryder, Kyoko Asagi, Nick, Naomi, Hamada Kaiju, Jenny “Jen” Bourne, Ken Bourne, Gloria Bourne, Roxanne, and Isabella “Issy” Kane.
Starting with the upper left image, Paige Creed, Keith Creed, Felicia “Fel”, Amanda “Mandy”, Josh, Jahida McCloud, and Chrissy’s Father.

'Chrissy McCloud

Chrissy is the primary protagonist in Rascals. Leaving home to attend Fawnamere District College, Chrissy quickly meets her fellow male and female roommates after learning that the dorms are co-ed. Unlike Reiko, Chrissy is quite reserved about her body, becoming rather flustered whenever she is forced to wear skimpy outfits. Chrissy manages to get a job at PvN Entertainment restaurant as a pirate waitress. Chrissy is rather sensitive and easily angered whenever other women, such as Raven and Liona, try to advance on Quick whenever they were dating. Paranoid, Chrissy asks Eliza to perform a background check on Quick. Learning that Quick is rich, Chrissy breaks up with Quick. Chrissy later explains the reasons for her motives. Chrissy’s ex-boyfriend, Cody, was so kind to her until he became rich. With praise going to his head, Cody cheated on Chrissy and later tried to whore her out to one of his friends. Realizing that Chrissy moved too fast with Quick, she convinces him that they need to take a break. Chrissy later reunites with Quick before he could ask Jazmin out on a date. Chrissy is an avid gamer. Quick’s nickname for Chrissy is Valentine. Chrissy is a horrible cook. Chrissy is an avid tennis player. Chrissy is a graphic design major at Fawnamere District College.

Quick Bourne Quinstopferson K. Bourne

Quick is one of Chrissy’s roommate that develops a crush on Chrissy after accidentally mistaking her as Skye while in the showers. Quick is the youngest son to Ken and Gloria Bourne and the younger brother to Jenny Bourne. Unlike Skye, Quick is respectful of women and their bodies; however, he does occasionally stares at women’s chest and butts. Quick has quite a reputation of attracting women to him and often finds himself in unusual predicaments with women. Quick is a stellar student that offers his tutoring services to Chrissy. Quick owns a motorcycle. Quick wears glasses on and off again. Prior to the start of the comic, Quick was Liona’s ex-boyfriend. Quick is quite an avid gamer. Due to his spending habits, Ken cut Quick off from the family funds and is offered to work as one of Jenny’s photographer. Quick comes from a wealth family; however, he does not flaunt his money around. While his major isn’t revealed, Quick does take higher basic level courses at Fawnamere District College.


Zoey is a student that shares a room close to Chrissy and the others. Zoey has an open relationship with Ravin. Zoey is on a nine month expedition in Paris. Zoey is a fashion major at Fawnamere District College.

Skylar “Skye” Roarx

Skye is one of Chrissy’s roommates and is Liona’s cousin. Skye is a muscular individual that shares the same perversion as Reiko. Skye is a loyal friend that tends to help Quick out of his funk, especially during his break up with Chrissy. Skye actually met Reiko back when he went overseas to train at Kyoko’s academy. Reiko went with Skye to the West after an incident that unleashed her demon mode. Skye proposed to Reiko out of pity, which she rejected. Reiko proposed an open relationship with Skye just in case he found someone else that he could spend his life with. Skye has come pretty close but backs out in the end as he thinks about Reiko. Skye is the current champion of the Feral Nation Wrestling organization. Skye is an athletic major at Fawnamere District College.

Reiko Asagi

Reiko is one of Chrissy’s roommates that constantly teases her about her feelings for Quick and playfully hits on her multiple times. Reiko is Kyoko’s older daughter and Jazmin’s older sister. Reiko is bi-sexual and playfully comes onto any and all the females she encounters throughout Rascals. Reiko works at PvN Entertainment restaurant. Reiko has an iron stomach that allows her to easily consume spicy foods. Reiko is very protective of her friends and has no problem unleashing her full fury to protect them. Reiko is initially shy when she reunites with Nick but is back to herself after thinking about her past. Reiko is afraid of any discussion involving commitment and babies. In the past, Reiko had a friends with benefit relationship with Nick. Reiko went into demon mode whenever Hamada tricked her into believing that she killed Skye and Nick. While in demon mode, Reiko broke both of Nick’s arms. Kyoko managed to seal Reiko’s demon inside her. Reiko decided to stay with Skye and head back to the West after graduating from the academy. Rejecting Skye’s proposal, Reiko proposed the open relationship with Skye just in case he found someone he could spend the rest of his life with. Reiko is currently an intern with Jenny’s magazine. Reiko is a member of Team 7. Reiko is an athletic major with a minor in business at Fawnamere District College. Reiko appears in Rascals Goyoko.


Anzo is one of Skye’s friends who blames him for setting him up with a woman that previously dated him. He is a nutrition major at Fawnamere District College


Azubah is the head supervisor for the local PvN Entertainment restaurant.

Trevor Rivera

Trevor is a student teach at Fawnamere District College. Trevor has an interest in Chrissy and has tried dating her and putting the moves on her multiple times with Quick disrupting his advances each time. Trevor teams up with Raven to split Chrissy and Quick apart so that they can date them separately. Trevor eventually turns his attention to Jenny. Trevor is a history major at Fawnamere District College.

Raven Fields

Raven is a sister to one of Skye’s friends that agrees to go on a blind date with Quick. Raven shows an intimate interest in establishing a relationship with Quick, offering relations to him multiple times. After Quick turns her down in favor of Chrissy, Raven swears to seek revenge on Chrissy, teaming up with Trevor to split the couple up. Realizing that Quick simply doesn’t want her and the competition for him becoming more robust, Raven befriends Chrissy and offers her support while playfully insulting her when the mood is right. Raven is a programming major at Fawnamere District College.

Jazmin Asagi

Jazmin is Kyoko’s younger daughter and Reiko’s younger sister. Jazmin went to the West with Jabby to check on Reiko. Jazmin is rather aggressive towards her sister, challenging her in constant battles and scolding her for her overly sexy demeanor in public. Jazmin appears rather jealous of Reiko’s ability to easily beat her and her carefree attitude. Jazmin is rather reserve in her body and often avoids over exposure of her body and sexy outfits, giving the expression of being a prune and having high standards. Jazmin develops feelings for Quick but becomes frustrated at Chrissy for supposedly string Quick around and at Quick for toying with her feelings. Kyoko tries to push Jazmin to have babies since Reiko continues to avoid this with Skye. Jazmin doesn’t know how to swim. Jazmin uses card techniques to paralyze her opponents. Jazmin is an athletic major at Fawnamere District College. Jazmin also appears in Rascals Goyoko.


Jabby is Jazmin’s assistant and mentor. Jabby has a tendency to show up here and there. Jabby also has a knack for perversion and innuendos.


Mitzu is a ninja that Reginald Graves hired to track down and capture Jazmin and Reiko. Mitzu is more direct and cunning compared to Yuriko, her ninja partner. Mitzu employs a sword concealment technique in her chest. Mitzu challenges Jazmin at the beach and loses. Mitzu later encounters Reiko and Jazmin at the Fighter Fight IV tournament and loses to Reiko.


Yuriko is a ninja that knocks herself out whenever she tries to capture Reiko for Reginald Graves. Yuriko is Nick’s sister. Yuriko appears in [Rascals Goyoku]].

Reginald Graves

Reginald Graves is a photographer that manages to take a picture of Reiko and Jazmin making out with each other while drunk. Reginald employs Yuriko and Mitzu to capture Reiko and Jazmin and force them to sign over their legal rights on that image.


Ravin is one of Quick’s friends and is a womanizer. Ravin is currently in an open relationship with Zoey, affording him the opportunity to play the field. Ravin has created the Six Laws of Ravinism. Ravin is an engineering major at Fawnamere District College.


Jolty is one of Reiko’s friends that came to her apartment to seek Reiko’s assistance in testing her new Curry recipe. Jolty’s home town is Garret Town.


Brass is a restaurant patron that beats Ravin, Skye, Quick, and Jabby for Jabby’s innuendo. Incidentally, Brass does give her number to Ravin. Brass appears in Project Zero.

Liona McGraw

Liona is an actress and singer that recently returned to Fawnamere District College to pursue a musical degree. Liona is Skye’s cousin and Quick’s ex-girlfriend. Liona is rather naïve and innocent compared to the other women in Rascals. Liona is in a relationship with Nick. Liona is pregnant with Nick’s child.


Cody is Chrissy’s ex-boyfriend that uses Jackson, a private investigator, to track her down and terrorize her. Cody lands himself in prison for disrupting the public. Eliza pays Cody a visit and beats him for messing with Chrissy. Chrissy reveals that Cody use to be a kind and gentle person that looked after her. Cody changed into an egotistical snob that showered Chrissy with gifts whenever his dad won the lottery. Chrissy caught Cody having relations with Amanda during the prom. Playing on Chrissy’s emotions, Cody managed to lure her back to his home and pimp her to his friends. Eliza beat Cody up for this and for slapping Chrissy across the face.


Sahara is a random fan that has fallen for Skye. Sahara is a previous champion of the Fight Fighter IV competition. Sahara is a news anchor for the Feral National Wrestling organization.


Eliza is Chrissy’s cousin that uses her cop connections to perform a background check on Quick. Eliza comes to Chrissy’s rescue whenever Cody slaps her. Eliza appears in Project Zero.


Galvon is Eliza’s cop partner.

Rally Ryder

Rally is one of Chrissy’s friends that contacted Eliza whenever Chrissy decided to give Cody another chance. Rally is one of Jenny’s top clients and has been in several movies.

Kyoko Asagi

Kyoko is Jazmin and Reiko’s mother and the grand master of her ninja academy. Kyoko desperately wants grandchildren, and since Reiko continues to drag her feet, Kyoko turns to Jazmin, intentionally trying to set her up with Quick. Kyoko recently created a new academy close to her daughters with Ken and Gloria’s help. Kyoko does care deeply for both her children, offering sound advice to her children. Nick appears in Rascals Goyoku.


Nick is Liona’s body guard and Liona’s secret boyfriend. Nick is rather upset that he has to keep his relationship with Liona a secret to avoid the paparazzi scandalizing their relationship. Nick actually knows Skye and Reiko from his time spent overseas. Nick had a friends with benefits relationship with Reiko. Whenever Skye entered the picture, Hamada Kaiju took advantage of this to lure Nick to her side; however, he refused. Whenever Reiko went into her demon mode, Nick tried to stop her. Unfortunately, both his arms were severely broken to the point where he had to leave the academy. Nick appears in Rascals Goyoku.


Naomi is a referee that has been seen providing her services for the Fight Fighter IV competition and for the Feral Nation Wrestling organization.

Hamada Kaiju

Hamada is one of Reiko’s former rivals that used Reiko’s relationship with Skye to lure Nick to her side. When that didn’t’ work, Hamada kidnapped Nick and Skye in order to awaken Reiko’s inner demon. Hamada is rather obsessed with the Asagi’s clan fighting style and techniques.

Jenny “Jen” Bourne

Jenny is Quick’s older sister and Ken and Gloria’s older daughter. In the past, Jenny had a fling with Skye despite her belief that they were a serious item. Jenny gloats about her perfect genes. Jenny is a rather aggressive driver. Jenny owns her own magazine publishing company and modeling company. Jenny fears Reiko’s advances on herself

Ken Bourne

Ken is Quick and Jenny’s father. Ken is rather severe when it comes to his children spending money and blowing through life with cash. Ken is an architecture that recently landed Kyoko as a major client.

Gloria Bourne

Gloria is Quick and Jenny’s mother. Compared to her husband, Gloria appears more caring and open with her body and sexual innuendos. Gloria notes that she and Ken were rather wild back in their college days, which allows her to relate back to her kids. Gloria has raced in the Indy Five Hundred.


Roxanne is Jenny’s secretary at her magazine publishing company. Roxanne loves to dress people up in various outfits.

Isabella “Issy” Kane

Isabella is a female wrestler in the Feral Nation Wrestling organization. Arrogant and overconfident, Isabela tends to act before thinking about her actions, resulting in unintended consequences from underestimating her opponent to getting benched. Isabella has trained under 17 masters of various fighting styles. Isabella is a lesbian that fears that her orientation has resulted in six wrestling organizations kicking her out. Isabella has relations with Reiko and would love to have a steady relationship with her, going so far as to challenge Skye and win her heart.

Paige Creed

Paige Creed is Keith’s twin sister and is the actor that plays the rule of female Hawke in Knuckle Up. Paige is rather opened with her body and sexy antics, often hitting on and groping females and playing with Keith’s emotions when it comes to twin incest. Paige’s early sitcoms launched her career.

Keith Creed

Keith Creed is Paige’s twin brother and is the actor that plays the role of male Hawke in Knuckle Up. Keith is rather reserve when it comes to his body and orientation. Keith often becomes furious when Paige makes references to the underage women hitting on him and becomes depressed when anyone mentions twin incest and fan fictions involving him.

Felicia “Fel”

Felicia is one of Chrissy’s childhood friends that plan on attending Fawnamere District College. Aggressive and protective of her friends, Felicia has no problem putting the verbal smack down on anyone. Felicia broke up with Petey, her ex-boyfriend, because he couldn’t handle her recent weight increase.

Amanda “Mandy”

Amanda is one of Chrissy’s former childhood friends who became distant with her because she didn’t have a loving and caring family like she did. Amanda becomes rather arrogant, promoting her body and looks and popularity in high school. Amanda was on the tennis club with Chrissy. Amanda stole Cody away from Chrissy; however, she is no longer with him since he couldn’t last long in bed and he only used her for relations. Offered an exclusive job in the city, Amanda asks if she could stay with Chrissy since none of her other friends would help her out.


Josh is one of Chrissy’s childhood friends that went studying abroad at a private medical school after graduating from high school. Josh rejects Amanda’s advances as the last time he trusted her resulted in the entire football team giving him a swirly. Josh does find a nude photo of Amanda that she places in his pocket while leaving. Despite his confidence, Josh does fall under Jahida’s spell. Josh confesses his love for Chrissy, stating that he loved her ever since middle school but was afraid to tell her for fear that it would ruin their friendship. Josh does accept the fact that Chrissy has moved on with her dating life.

Jahida McCloud

Jahida McCloud is Chrissy’s mother. Jahida has a reputation of having Chrissy’s male friends fall for her. Jahida acts rather motherly.

Chrissy’s Father

Chrissy’s Father is rather overprotective of Chrissy, his daughter, when it comes to any and all of her male friends and boyfriends.

Usagi to Asagi[edit]

Mastergodai mentions that he has been playing around with Reiko, Jazmin, and Kyoko’s last name and has since changed it from Usagi to Asagi.


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