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Rare Breed is an erotic furry comic book started by Jeremy Bernal and Michael Caddell as an alternative to Genus. After the first issue it was handed off solely to Michael Caddell after which issue 2 was published. At the moment three issues are published, however Issue No 1 is sold out and impossible to order as an unused copy anymore.

Rare Breed Issues[edit]

Issue 1[edit]

The first release of Rare Breed, created by Jeremy Bernal and Michael Caddell and published by Wages Of Sin. Issue 1 has about 30 pages and was sold for 4.95 US$. It contained comics and artwork from the following artists:

Issue 2[edit]

Rare Breed 2 was the first Issue only published by Michael Caddell under the company name Darkmatter Studio. Like issue 1 it is sold for 4.95 US$ and contained about 33 pages. Issue 2 features the following artists:

Issue 2 was financially supported by Richard Thatcher

Issue 3[edit]

Rare Breed 3 is the newest issue and the first one with a printed price of 5US$. As issue 2 it is published by Darkmatter Studio. The artists featured in issue 3 are:


Except for issue 1 which is totally sold out all issues of Rare Breed can be purchased online through several comic shop websites. While usually the magazines could also be ordered directly through the official website this is not possible at the moment as the website is mostly defunct.

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