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Raraka, in his fursuit by Sokitwopaw, with two members of the Australian Dingo Foundation, at MiDFur 2012.

Raraka is a fursuiter whose character is a pink and white fruit bat. Originally from Perth, Western Australia, he relocated to Victoria, Australia in late 2012 to study postgraduate medicine at the University of Melbourne. He has previously been known as RalMiska, the name of his gecko character.

He has been engaged to Travis Fox since November 2012. The couple are waiting for the laws regarding same-sex marriage in Australia to be amended to facilitate their lawful wedding.

Raraka commissioned his fursuit from Sokitwopaw in 2012, and it debuted at MiDFur that year. Raraka has attended every MiDFur convention since 2008, with the exception of 2011. He also attended Eurofurence in 2012. Additionally, he has been loosely involved with the West Australian Science Fiction community, and has attended several SwanCons.

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