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The many faces of Keesh

Rakeesh (born August 7th, 1984)was born in hometown of Kapuskasing, located in the northern region of Ontario, Canada. He joined the furry fandom in 1994, but not as an active member until 1996-1997. Rakeesh has been drawing for about 15 years and writing on and off for 12. Rakeesh is currently an artist, writer, student, and gamer whose fursona is currently a dragon.


Rakeesh has gone through several incarnations. The first design was a plain, gray wolf, which later morphed into a gray lynx. It remained as such for approximately 6 months before another rework, this time into a dinosaur, specifically a flesh-toned stegosaurus.

It was at this point that Rakeesh adopted the short stature that would be retained through later character changes. His height started at 4'9" until a typo caused it to shift to 3'9", where it remained.

I am the Keesh and I wear a funny hat.

Later, the character was reworked yet again, becoming a dragon with a similar design. It wasn't until a single fanart image was drawn that the dragon form changed drastically, getting the spikes and stripes that would stay on for years. Hair would later be added, and the body type would always remain in flux, switching back and forth to whatever Rakeesh himself found appealing.

The current design is an evolution of the dragon form, removing the spines and adding hair, a stripe down the nose, and sticking to the three primary colours. Several smaller details were added, like the shape of the bangs, ponytail, the dangling 'sideburns' (reminiscent of Inuyasha), and tail puff.

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